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[FS] three more 6700K


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Up for sale are three Core i7-6700K processors.


All CPUs are binned on a platform featuring an ASUS Maximus VIII Impact mainboard, a CoolerMaster Nepton 140XL AIO watercooler and 20-25°C ambients.

From the feedback I managed to collect, the Impact needs 0.03-0.04V more than ASRock Z170 OCF and 0.03-0.04V less than MSI Xpower to achieve similar CPU clockspeeds.

Note that Prime95 1344K AVX is not the hardest stability test out there: you can run LinX and have your 2 hour primestable setup crash within seconds due to much higher temperatures. I use this test to give you a rough idea on how my CPUs stack up against fellow German binners.

The CPUs are not delidded and come with original box.


CPU #1: L604F267 - 06321. Sold.

Prime95 1344K: 30min at 4.5/4.0GHz 1.20V, 30min at 4.7/4.0GHz 1.28V.

HwbotPrime: 4.8/4.5GHz at 1.26V.

SuperPi 32M: 5.0/4.8GHz at 1.35V.


CPU #2: L602F436 - 04945. Asking 319 Euros.

Prime95 1344K: 30min at 4.5/4.0GHz 1.22V, 30min at 4.7/4.0GHz 1.36V.

HwbotPrime: 4.8/4.5GHz at 1.28V.

SuperPi 32M: 5.0/4.8GHz at 1.44V.


CPU #3: L604F297 - 04242. Sold.

Prime95 1344K: 30min at 4.5/4.0GHz 1.22V, 30min at 4.7/4.0GHz 1.33V.

HwbotPrime: 4.8/4.5GHz at 1.30V.

SuperPi 32M: 5.0/4.8GHz at 1.41V.


All prices include tracked worldwide shipping.

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