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  1. Northwood style I've only seen Wolfdale-6M chips on E5200 and E7200 and heard about Celeron E3200/E3300. Not sure if other models ever even existed.
  2. For E5x00/E7x00 you need PLL under the default 1.5V, which only Gigabyte P45 and PLL-modded boards can set. Without PLL mod, the current #1 E5200 stops at 390 air, 480 LN2. Also, you can immediately discard Wolfdale-3M derived ones (96-98%) and focus on Wolfdale-6M ones. You can distinguish these physically. I've tried around 100+ of the latter, which would yield same results as 2000-4000 random ones.
  3. This is still very lucky I tried 1500-2000 pcs E2140, E2160, E2180 and my best chip did 565 LN2.
  4. Your luck is absurd. I tried about 3000 (of E6300, E6400, E6750) and found only three that would barely do 600 on air. Nowhere near 615.
  5. Are these any good in 32M? Are these single- or dual-ranked sticks?
  6. Try another board. GA890FX aren't the fastest 2D boards out there...
  7. Looks like I got out of 775 (and benching altogether) at the right time :D
  8. We made two local supermarkets run out of weissbier. Hence why P3 only ...
  9. 700x9.5 on E8500 ... http://noisecutters.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/You-did-it-Product-Hunt.png
  10. Awesome clocks! But I guess you can do 7min46-7min48 with better efficiency
  11. Another argument for allowing to disable / downclock cores: continuity and simplicity of rules. Imagine a new person trying to submit a score in 2021 and having to learn about differences in rules for pre-2010 and post-2010 hardware? Perhaps a separate hardware point category for all-cores-same-clock would suffice? It's not like there aren't hundreds of these already per each piece of hardware.
  12. Rocket Lake is so exciting that on launch date vendor reps prefer to fight over #4 in memory benchmarks instead
  13. Come on, even Luumi can do 5+ seconds faster at the same clocks https://hwbot.org/submission/4565047
  14. Always nice to see a Vcore readout rollover on 775. Probably need a Vcore mod on P5E3-Premium now? :D
  15. Product not yet released, but already a reject
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