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  1. 1. It really varies from board to board. The same CPU might do 650 32M air in one board, but fail 600 POST in another 650+ capable board. In my 14 years on 775 I couldn't figure this out, so I would normally just pick a dozen best MHz/volt cores on air, put all under LN2 and see what happens. 2/3. Do you expect to bench at 700 FSB with decent efficiency, or are you after the 750 FSB record? For the former, you would have to use Garbage Extreme or P5E3-Premium (P5E64-WS Evo can also be an option), but those generally don't go above 710-720 no matter how well you bin or cool the NB. For
  2. 10060227 or the '2009 sticks?
  3. @bob Yes. It's quite an old/known issue for Intel LGA775 chipsets - when using strap 400, 2:3 is reported as 3:5 http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?199241-3-5-divider-on-X38-P35-X48-P45-is-broken-is-2-3-in-reality-on-400-strap So if your score is strap 400, the real memory frequency is 761.2 MHz. You can also verify this by checking max clocks with any other divider/strap - should be around 760 MHz.
  4. Nice to see you active again! Were you running 3:5 with strap 200 or 400? If it's the latter, there might be something you've forgot after all these years :)
  5. If anything should raise questions here is the validity of wPrime as a benchmark. The damn thing only seems to scale on raw CPU clockspeed and number of cores, without much regard to its architecture.
  6. I guess the question is - does P45 IMC go any higher with 1GB Hypers compared to dual-ranked ones?
  7. Never thought we'd ever see a D430 pushed above 5GHz, let alone "only" on cascade
  8. Let's pretend we didn't see all the recent AMD backups
  9. Here's the HWBOT sub: https://hwbot.org/submission/2200362 and the discussion thread with a few videos: https://community.hwbot.org/topic/29175-tapakah-celeron-lga775-352-83089mhz-830894-mhz-cpu-z/ This chip was never mine, just a random purchase by K404. I think best of my own chips stopped around 8180-8200 ish.
  10. I'd say that China is less of a hardware black hole compared to Warstein
  11. That preview picture is misleading for batch hunters And NO, rampage extreme is not better than P5E3-Premium.
  12. Only in a form of that annoying friend who drinks beer and talks shit in the background while not contributing to scores at all
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