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  1. I sincerely hope that the entire design team of ASUS X48 boards catches a disease unknown to medicine and dies a slow and painful death in a country where euthanasia is illegal. Had two X48 boards in storage, one RE and one P5E3prem. Bought a CPU I wanted to test. Both boards show code 00 and don't POST with any CPU I try ...
  2. Added a decent i7-930 and a Z87X-OC. P55A-UD6 price further reduced.
  3. Added some Q6600s from recent binning spree, plus some i7-920 and 2500C9 Patriots
  4. P5E3-Deluxe pending, P55A-UD6 price reduced, added 2x256 Winbond UTT
  5. Also just added an i5-750 + P55A-UD6 combo
  6. Added an E6850 plus some AMD stuff
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