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  1. bump, added an ASUS M2G
  2. No, I don't have any more bundle. Shipping to France is 13€
  3. Added a DFI UT P45 for those with lots of free time, P55-UD6 price reduced
  4. M8I is pending, P5E3-Premium is sold
  5. What can this CPU do on air in terms of core clocks? I probably have a CPU+board candidate to beat this but, yeah, well, it will probably take years (if ever) for me to get it done
  6. On some boards max voltage also depends on the strap and mem divider. Few days ago I bought a board that won't go above 1.40V on strap 266 with 1:2 (and hence maxes out at 900-ish IMC) while 1.60 is fine with 333 and 1:2. Go figure.
  7. Yes and no. Assuming the board is alive in the first place (which is a very big IF), I take 10MHz variation from session to session as acceptable. Which can also be down to variation in NB cooling (due to insulation) or weather on Jupiter. I've noticed that some of these boards are extremely PSU-sensitive. Also, if you shut the PSU off, then on first cold boot (or run up until the first major crash) you tend to get slightly better clocks. From where I am sitting, I am actually baffled as to how people get these boards to do 600+ 32M with Wolfdale on non-LN2 cooling. It was never possible here in a reliable way, even with CPU under single stage, so I even stopped trying and am using a Conroe to pretest boards on single stage. Yet, the same Wolfdale setups can easily do 640-650 5:8 with CPU on LN2 all day long.
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