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  1. Core doesn't really matter on E8400 - pretty much all of these are limited by FSB when going colder.
  2. True. The difference in 32M on 939 is around 3-4 seconds but 256MB sticks usually clock 5-10MHz better. So in the end I'm not even sure which option will be fastest. What is more interesting, is that cross-sided and single-sided 256MB sticks have the same performance. Maybe it's just me, but for the last 15 years I was living under a notion that cross-sided is always faster
  3. Over the last few years I've tested something like 80-85 sticks of BH5. I usually start by checking the sticks individually for three passes of test #5 at 250-260-270-275-280-285-290 at 2-2-2-5, then match the sticks based on required voltage and voltage tolerance, and then proceed with testing 32M in OS at 250-260-270-275-280. So far, only six sticks out of the 80-85 would pass test #5 three times at 285 2-2-2-5 with any voltage (usually, 3.70-3.80V), and only two would do it at 290 2-2-2-5 (usually, 3.90-4.00V). The same sticks would do 32M at 275-280 2-2-2-5, usually around 3.70V. All of these are 256MB sticks. Best 512MB ones do around 280 for #5 and 270-275 for 32M.
  4. Added some BH5, reduced X38 and X48 prices.
  5. added two 630+ 32M, 1050+ IMC boards for socket 775
  6. On the topic of shipping any payment insurances: As someone whose packing methods are somewhat praised in this thread, yet who had to multiple refunds this year alone, I can say that unless you record (with a video, or via an independent witness) the whole process of packing and handing the item over to the shipping company and the recipient does the same in the opposite direction - any successful shipping damage claim that you file against a courier is a result of their incompetence. The current practice, also actively advised by the big consulting firms I happen to work for, is to direct handling of all customer claims to a court (or some third party), where the customer will be very likely to dismiss their claim as (a) they have to provide proof that would exclude any other source of damage, (b) they would have to handle the legal fees unless themselves are a (wannabe) law practitioner (c) case handlers tend to be overloaded so hearings are scheduled many years after the precedent, when no one really cares anymore.
  7. added a pair of 8500 Ballistix, half of which is dead
  8. Vpll mod is "mandatory" if you want to push Wolfdales and Yorkfields (also low-cache ones) on FSB, Vcore mod is "mandatory" if you need more than 2.05 real Vcore. Other than that, a P5E3-Premium is pretty much a Swiss army knife.
  9. I have a dead OCZ Blade 2000 7-8-7 stick with black PCB. Cheapest shipping to France is 4,35 Euros. Make me an offer
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