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  1. @wytiwx So, setting #2 is actually 750MHz / DDR3-1500 mem speed, which falls perfectly in line with the DDR3-1333 and DDR3-1600 results you've posted
  2. This is actually quite a bad CPU. Most '2007 G0 chips will do 550+ FSB on LN2.
  3. Beating my scores is becoming quite a theme recently, eh? :D
  4. Please don't follow the urge to collect memory kits. Collectors are the plague of the benching community. Items made in low volumes are hard to find as they are, and people who let them fall apart in their drawers to satisfy their ego aren't exactly helping.
  5. 200% OC the hard(er) way. Was considering doing this back in 2008-2010 but never got around to it. Awesome job!
  6. Yes, 2500C9 are X-PSC only. These are usually not tragic, but also not as good as you might expect from second highest retail 2GB PSC bin.
  7. If that's a 9-11-9 kit then it's built from whatever garbage they had laying around at that time. Most likely T-series PSC. Might also be X-series PSC or Hynix 2Gbit BFR, but not very likely. If Patriot were really high on cocaine, they might have even used Elpida 2Gbit BCSE. Virtually no chance for Hypers or BBSE.
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