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  1. G4400 and low-end Celerons will clock B-die just as good as the K-chips and will produce comparable results/voltages. The only downside is that your 32M runs will take longer. I recently used a G4900 (Coffeelake) and its IMC had much less issues running 2066 than any Skylake / Kabylake.
  2. On tRCD 7: 1066 7-7-x is good, 1100 7-7-x is excellent.
  3. You might be limited by the platform, as in, mainboard setting some subtiming way to tight, hence necessity for 1.84V. Usually even Kingston Hypers are not so bad. On tRCD - 1020 hardly tells you anything. tRCD 6 would be extremely impressive (only Hicookie's GTX2 were capable of such a feat), tRCD 7 is standard on 90-95% of sticks. If tRCD 8 is necessary at 1020 then kit is garbage.
  4. If your Hypers really need 1.84V for 1020MHz 7-7-7 then they are a truly tragic kit that doesn't deserve to live Most of these are in the 1.625-1.675V range for 1000 CL7 with linear scaling up to 1100-1150MHz. I've been using the same pair of GTX2 for all my benching and binning for the last 7 years. Doing countless powerdowns, running at 1.90V+ loaded for a multiple hours every month,testing up to 2.10V if necessary. They're still alive.
  5. In my opinion, revision 3 was pretty much perfect. Here's why: - Relation between Globals and Hardware points was spot on in individual results (166 vs 50, or 3.3 to 1) and overall account contributions (166x15 vs 50x20, or 2.5 to 1). - Hardware points were handed out more reasonably. You didn't have categories like 32M on 5960X that literally noone cared about produce similar amount of hardware points as 1M on E6600 that thousands of people on hundreds of forums have fought on. Sure, you could argue that if there is an easy category that awards many points then someone will figure it out and it won't remain such for long. But, with rev3 it took more than a decade of high user activity (higher than it is now, for sure) before most 50-pointers actually got difficult. - Screw competition points. If you upload scores to a contest, your primary reward is attached prize. If you happen to earn global/hardware points along the way, treat it as a bonus, not as an expectation. - Screw pre-determined seasonality. It's almost impossible to maintain a high rank without having been active in the last 12 months. Also, you earn global points, they evaporate over time. Use them as your "carrot" to bench year after year. - Of course, revision 4,5,6,7 or whatever it was, has made the calculations less server-intensive. Similar adjustments can also be executed on rev 3 (or a point structure close to it). As someone who stopped caring about points many years ago and has no intention of coming back, I have observed that such threads are nothing more than people trying to influence the point system to their liking. Usually, such people don't stay active in this hobby for long since they get what they wanted, lose further interest and move on. I mean, how many of the rev4/5/.. advocates are still out there benching?
  6. https://geizhals.de/a1906336.html
  7. Some items sold, Q6600 added.
  8. Don't need more than 20. It's either binning too many legacy CPUs (which, I guess, noone but me likes), or just spamming your golden Kaby/Coffeelake across as many legacy cards/benchmarks as possible.
  9. TaPaKaH

    8700k - the best I saw so far on water, decent on LN2

    You don't need 7000 for GFP
  10. Shipping to France for #11 (or any package below 2kg) is 10 Euros.
  11. The video reminds me of "My Summer Car" gameplay
  12. push, MFR prices reduced