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[FS] Strong Retail 5960x CPU


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Have been sitting on 2 very good CPU's for some time, but they are not being used so it is a waste for sure!!


Retail CPU purchased new from Silicon Lottery. Warranty through until approx. Sept 2019.


Top bin means the CPU passed ROG Realbench for 1 hour, at 4.7GHz with 1.34v or less.


I have done a quick test to confirm cpu is running okay. Spent less than 30 mins only to confirm top clocks on air and then on LN2.


Test set up using Giga Champion, Quad Channel Ram running at 3000+ - 12/15/15/260/1T.

For LN2 Benching

CPUV 1.65v (set in windows - everything else at boot settings below, didn't try more or less)

Ring 1.40v

DRAM 1.67v

VSA +0.30

VL6 1.46v

-120 is cold bug zone, so pretty easy CPU to manage


Used Cinebench R11.5 (was all that I had on the SSD -lol)


CPU will happily bench Cinebench at 5750 (125BClk, multi change only)

Next multi X47 (5875), and +1 BCLK (5796) wouldn't run

Uncore stable at 4.9G+ but wasn't able to get 5g working (can boot at 5g okay - so probably some tweaking will get this working)

Didn't spend any time trying to tweak other voltages - so you may squeeze 5.8g out of the CPU, but 5.7 to 5.75 should be pretty easy for CPU benches



Asking US$800 or 720 Euro shipped via International Express Post anywhere in the world. Comes with tracking and 2-4 business days normal delivery to major centres


Payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer is okay as long as you manage the fees


Don't have a lot of heatware rep, but 350+ feedback on ebay (if it helps :))


Any questions please let me know.

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Guest george.kokovinis

Hello Bob,


Any clue of core, cache voltages on a good custom water loop with ambient temps ? ( No ice, no chillers ).

For example - CBR15, 3D Vantage, Wprime 1024- at 4.7ghz and 4.8ghz ?


Thanks man,


George :)

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I will put in my home PC and try for you. Is just a 480 loop for 295x and cpu (so nothing special). The board and PSU are also not so strong (Krait SLI and AX1200) but lets see how it goes. Just give me a day or 2 to see what is possible :)

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Quick tests done today using Vantage CPU test and Cinebench R15


Quick summary:

4.7 Vantage stable at 1.34V

4.7 Cinebench stable at 1.35V

4.8 Vantage stable at 1.36V

4.8 Cinebench stable at 1.37V


Didn't spend too much time tuning the above, and only tried +0.005 for each step, nothing less. (eg tried 4.8 Vantage on 1.345 and it didn't run, so then tried 1.35). So maybe a little less voltage require for each :)


This MSI board wont let me increase my uncore multi no matter what, so was only pushing core sorry. I know that the CPU runs uncore at 4600 on air on my champion board, with VRing at 1.30.


Have attached screenshots of the results and the system temp at idle for your ref.

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