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  1. bob(nz)

    [FS] Intel 7980XE Retail CPU 5.7G+

    Bump to the top
  2. bob(nz)

    [FS] Intel 7980XE Retail CPU 5.7G+

    Another Bump....great cpu for both 2d and 3d
  3. bob(nz)

    [FS] Intel 7980XE Retail CPU 5.7G+

    Haha - did I mention reasonable Mike?? ⚔️
  4. bob(nz)

    [FS] Intel 7980XE Retail CPU 5.7G+

  5. bob(nz)

    [FS] Intel 7980XE Retail CPU 5.7G+

    Bump - pricing reduced....
  6. bob(nz)

    [FS] Intel 7980XE Retail CPU 5.7G+

    Bump - happy to consider reasonable offers....
  7. bob(nz)

    [FS] Intel 7980XE Retail CPU 5.7G+

  8. Hi, I have for sale a very good retail 7980XE. CPU has been delidded and not resealed. Limited testing and use (around 2-3 hours total) as I found a better CPU. 1 quick round of airtesting, and 2 quick tests on LN2 to see what is possible. Mainboard used was Asrock X299OC Formula, watercooling is basic custom loop with triple radiator, LN2 tests using Kingpin TRex Pot On water 4.8G Cinebench R15 is possible at 1.25V easy. 4.9 not, didnt try to bclk up With LN2 I did some quick testing using FSE and an air cooled GTX980Ti. Able to pass physics at 5.8G using 1.48v, with pot temp around -105. Was then I realised that Mesh and Mems were at default / low values 🙄😂 Rebooted with Mesh at 3.5G and Mems at 3600 tight timings. Was able to run 5.7G very easy at same volts, but couldnt get 5.8 to run. Didnt try other voltages at all, but managed to Bclk up to 5.73G and get a full pass. (sorry didnt grab the screen). I am sure you can get a bit more of of it with some testing and time!! Looking for 2100 USD / 1850 Euro (or nearest offer) - including express shipping / insurance worldwide Feel free to PM me if you have any questions
  9. bob(nz)

    Avexir 2200C8 Unicorn PSC (PRICE DROP LAST 2)

    @Splave is looking around his garage wondering where all his PSC sticks have gone 😂
  10. No Direct Die at this stage - this CPU is a monster as is ;)
  11. Still using IHS - want to look after this CPU as long as possible. Maybe direct die later....
  12. Good to see a few more people joining the party!!