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  1. And it seems a dance off could really be on the cards @Leeghoofd ?
  2. Lets hope that stage 3 is maximum memory clock - DIMM Slot A on my Apex seems to be dead (54/55), so no more 32m for me And I still have ln2 dammit ?
  3. Now I understand why you said that (never used win10 for SPI in my life). Scores on same settings are all over the place.....
  4. @Leeghoofd Hey Alby - do we need 2 SPD tabs for screenshots, or you happy with 1? Details are in the benchmate details anyway - but just to make sure there are no tears later
  5. You mean your sticks don’t really do 8k 28-28-28?? ??
  6. I would love to add it to my collection if I can Let me know postage via PM and we try to work something out
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