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  1. I think my CPU has joined this club, I will test again this evening to confirm. I had a bad crash benching last night, then lost all my frames. Broke system down and quickly checked on watercooled setup = cpu was working fine at normal temps! Will be very sad if this is the case - was SP111.....
  2. Yes it is pretty frustrating - I am now going through the same experience 😂
  3. Haha - wouldn’t be a real competition without drama and controversy 😂 have one of these 🍺 it should help 👍
  4. Thanks Albie - hopefully you got a break for New Year 😂
  5. I hope so - I have dropped from 1st to 13th in Extreme 😂
  6. Was the UAT link in your post above. Managed to get to the site when I tried again a couple of hours later. Working okay this morning 👍
  7. Getting server error when trying to view site....interested to see what it all means
  8. bob(nz)

    eVc ordering

    I will sign up for a couple this time around 👍
  9. Get drunk - very probably Pass out - more like power sleeping, and only Tony and Carl on the bus trip 🤣
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