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Hey guys,


I am trying to come up with a formula to handle OCP on all the cards I do that have no previous examples. What value do you guys usually do for OCP? Lately I have been doing OCP on all the cards I do and I never quite know the correct formula for determining the OCP resistance or if I am even doing OCP correctly.


Here is what I have been doing:

I have been basically reducing the resistance of IOUT/IMAX pin by half to remove OCP. In most cases I have to use my biggest pot, 500K, and with it fully backed off it will usually decrease the OCP pin resistance by 1/4 to start then allow me to drop down from there. For "per phase" cards I have been decreasing the resistance by half with discrete resistors.


In a few cases, my OCP mod didn't remove the OCP triggering and I wanted to check to see if I am doing it correctly. Some examples show people removing the OCP resistor completely, while most of the other examples show a simple VR mod like I am doing.


Also, is there a full list of the OCP pin names (IOUT, IMAX, ect) that IC manufacturers use?

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