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  1. mllrkllr88

    [SOLD] Two Unicorns ~ GTX480 Lightning

    And... they're gone
  2. mllrkllr88

    [SOLD] Two Unicorns ~ GTX480 Lightning

    Up for sale today are two ultra rare GTX480 Lightning cards. They have not been abused and you can see the kapton tape covering the XOC switches on the back are intact. Someone went to town and glued on extra heatsinks as well as fan studs to the stock memory/VRM cooling plate. I tested them today, and with a small voltage bump (100mV core) they do 950/1050 SLI with winter air + water cooling. The cards are fully unlocked software control for Vcore, Vmem, Vpll using Afterburner Extreme, even without touching the switches on the back. SUB HERE Each card comes with the swiftech universal block and the crazy fan plate setup, as seen in the pictures (not including the hoses or quick disconnects). In the picture you can see one card has a slightly lower VID with higher ASIC, but they clock about the same. I have heard thees cards are awesome with LN2, and my results today show they are pretty nice on cold air water. PRICE: $120 each, $220 pair. Price includes shipping within USA. I will ship globally but you need to cover shipping cost over $14.
  3. Sounds like a good time :) I have some big changes in my life which prevent me from attending, so have fun. Cheers!!
  4. It's a start! This looks like the Barbo 'wanted' OS, so nice of him to release that!
  5. Thanks guys! Gold seems miles away, this CPU wont do it, but I could not be more happy with the results :D