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  1. Up for sale today is 4 sticks of some pretty cool and rare DDR3. They are single sided 4GB Hynix MFR 3000c12 with an interesting CCFL light on top. This is BINNED memory, so they should be awesome sticks for DDR3 frequency validation. I have not tested them for high frequency OC, I only tested them in 32m to show proof of life. $110 USD shipped USA for all 4 SOLD International = You pay actual shipping -$5 The lights cycle through
  2. I made a quick thread with my memory timings and cold info here: https://www.overclock.net/forum/11-amd-motherboards/1710692-asrock-x399m-taichi-oc-living-guide.html
  3. Sorry bro but your GT4 is BADLY bugged. For this card GT4 score cannot be higher than GT3. All of the sub tests should show descending order of score, so this result is bugged.
  4. Whoot, thanks guys Yes, I am planning a full guide of how to bench this board cold, with screenshots and all the details you want.
  5. mllrkllr88

    (SOLD) Golden ES Samsung DDR3

    UP! #1, #2 pending #3, #4 available
  6. mllrkllr88

    (SOLD) Golden ES Samsung DDR3

    The benching relevance is closer to PSC than you might think for 32M and better than PSC for certain things that scale with memory mhz. Take a look at the Haswell 5G tweaker challenge, it illustrates this perfectly: http://hwbot.org/competition/haswell_5g_tc/stage/2871_5g_superpi_32m There you can see I am running Dice PSC 2720 7-11-7, I could have tweaked a bit more maybe but my effi was decent. There are two people who beat my score by using air cooled Samsung memory.
  7. mllrkllr88

    (SOLD) Golden ES Samsung DDR3

    Bump, price drop, all 4 sticks available
  8. There are no rules which state how this bench must be run, none that I have seen. I tried all the presets and I toggled many of the different settings which are available...all made literally no difference. I didn't find any of those settings which changed the benchmark result more than 1 or 2 points (which is the same variance you can get run to run anyway). Perhaps on a different generation platform the presets/settings would make a difference, but on 775 there was no gain for me. Maybe we need to clarify the rules and specify how this should be run...
  9. WOW! 7.2G is the new standard for legacies, impressive :D
  10. mllrkllr88

    (SOLD) Golden ES Samsung DDR3

    Set in bios. I don't recall what the disparity is between real and bios for Z97 OCF, but I believe it was pretty close. I can give you 'real' voltage values on Monday if you want.
  11. mllrkllr88

    (SOLD) Golden ES Samsung DDR3

    All 4 sticks up for sale are binned Kingston 2666c10 SPD from Splave's personal collection. To my knowledge, Kingston never sold this kit in retail, but they do have serial numbers so I would consider them "non-retail". Out of all the Sammy DDR3 I have ever tested, very few could even boot 2933c9 let alone be 32M stable (and some lowest passing voltage I have ever seen). Each stick was tested in single mode in the outside black slot with a heatsink and fan. They ship just as you see them...naked with no other packaging or documentation. Stick 1: $50 USD + Shipping (SOLD) Stick 2: $50 USD + Shipping (SOLD) Stick 3: $50 USD + Shipping (SOLD) Stick 4: $40 USD + Shipping (SOLD) Stick #4 was close to 2933 32M. I am sure it would pass with a little work, but I wanted to compare all to the same profile.