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  1. I assume you mean Splave has a similar chip...cute ;) I don't know where he got his, but this one came direct from Intel. The scanned this chip, entered my name in their database, and placed it in my hands on "loan"...
  2. Thanks guys! Hopefully this card has more to give once I sand down the mountain in the center of the die 😁
  3. Hey man, sweet score, but you used 3.3.3, which needs to be submitted under a different category...I was confused why this was SUPER fast at first ;)
  4. I hope everyone can join us for the fun! https://www.overclock.net/forum/410-benchmarking-competitions/1738924-freezer-burn-2019-round-3-a.html
  5. Mike, disable HT and the CPU score will be 118k-120k depending on the effi at 5G.
  6. I wonder how many Google chrome tabs you can open with THAT much memory...so crazy.
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