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  1. I understand the stock cooler idea to level out the field, but I don't see it being practical. As its proposed now I could use a stock card and chilled AC air blowing on it. Software based temp limits seems far more constrained and practical. Allowing all mainstream single-core cards up to 580's seems pretty much perfect as most people have a 580 already and they are widely available still. The other option would be to set a specific card like GTX1050 or but that limits the participants dramatically.
  2. wow...stock coolers WTF I pull off the stock cooler and chuck it in the trash first thing for all legacy cards. I think you need to open up the cooling method and stick with software based GPU temp limit of +15c or something in that range.
  3. There is no secret sauce bios, everything is public. All of the bios's I have tested give you full control of the cold volts and everything you need for 4133c12 memory and full pot LN2 CPU's. https://www.asrock.com/MB/Intel/Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITXac/index.asp#BIOS
  4. I see my bro Shar on the front page, I hit like automatically! Nice work!
  5. Crazy result you managed on water, nice work! 5.8g on water, WOW!
  6. Whoa baby, you must have some monster cooling to be able to run 1.45v on HCC!! That memory is looking really strong too, great all around man!!
  7. Bottle of whiskey and a leftover syringe of yellow LET from insulating a MB...strange things happen
  8. The water WR!! Good work man, I know you worked on this for a long time :D
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