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  1. No memory cooling 😮 just awesome! What memory IC?
  2. Always... I am always looking for better, it was the same with DDR3. The IC's keep evolving so naturally I need to as well. I am not married to team group, but out of all the kits I have owned and tested, thees are my best. I have a few kits of G.SKill A2 that are sweet for C12, but they wont even train 4800c14.
  3. This is all air with 2-dimm Aqua and proper 50x100.00. Still looking for better memory so hopefully I can tighten RTL.
  4. Retail 10700K X014E307 -- CB R15 5.2Ghz 1.36v AIO - 6650 R15 1.75v LN2 - mllrkllr88
  5. Here are a few random suggestions for you! DDR1: Memory Freq, 8500GT stage DDR2: Memory Freq, CPU Freq, MaxxMem Read Bandwidth, 3870x2 stage DDR3: Memory Freq, GTX 480 GPUPI DDR4: Memory Freq, Port Royal 1x GPU, GTX 1060 GPUPI, 3D11 1x GPU.
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