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  1. Kevin Wu showed this on Facebook over a month ago. I have observed the same behavior on ASRock X570 Taichi. The issue is over 5000MHz. Set 5200 in the bios and all software shows 5300...
  2. This is literally the only way forward. I think Splave summarized it well, the current system is completely broken for AMD. If some benchmarks are not compatible yet, such as wprime, then they simply cannot be used. As is stands now there are 2 multi-thread global benchmarks which are technically legal (GPUPI 1B and X265 4K)... TWO LEGAL BENCHES PEOPLE If we enforce benchmate requirement then we have hope for the future. I am fully on board with this and you should be too!
  3. Hey guys, I am selling my MSI MPG Z390I Gaming Edge AC because I just don't have much use for it. The board has less than 20 hours total usage and its in perfect working condition. I purchased the board from Amazon a few months ago, and the box + accessories are mint. The list of mods I have done are as follows: 5 small mods for LN2 usage Potentiometer with disable switch for DDR4 memory voltage DDR4 memory voltage read point sockets to attach your voltmeter Special bios from Toppc with built in profiles for memory frequency validation Syringe style liquid electrical tape insulation on top Spray plastidip insulation on the bottom It's $190 on Amazon, I am looking to get $130 shipped USA or $120 + actual international shipping
  4. How many MHz on USB? Hahah, nice work man its cool to see LN2 9900k vs Water 7940X
  5. PM Sunset, he has the 460 SOC stock cooler from the dead card you sent me a year+ ago.
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