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  1. Yes, delid CPU with grizzly LM on die and KPx on lapped IHS. It was still 90c+ with this soft voltage and clocks. For comparison the full run of Cine R20 with the same config only hit 63c...
  2. Here's almost the exact same run, but VALID. 277 point difference https://www.3dmark.com/fs/24509428
  3. It's the difference between 4th and 7th place global, and fully approved for Hwbot, so...
  4. I saw ZenStates 2.0.0 on a screenshot, any way we can get this?
  5. https://hwbot.org/submission/4616333_mllrkllr88_reference_frequency_z490_aqua_2dimm_2963.7_mhz Oops
  6. Accidents happen to everyone, lol, I already asked them to delete as I cannot... but it seems they are moving slowly.
  7. WOW!! This is a very impressive result for all air cooling :O
  8. It's just the standard Kingpin VRM without the metal shroud. 1533 for this. I can run 1566 and maintain fullpot but it's not always 100% stable so I chose 1533...hate to pass LN2 3D then fail CPU test lol
  9. Impressive Chispy! That's a boint milking machine if I ever saw one :O :O
  10. Thanks guys! The PHY score is nice but the GT scores are low for the clock it seems... Really nothing to it, all AUTO bios in that regard.
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