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  1. Good stuff! The 4000 16-16-16 kits look like a decent value. I'm in for a token participation sub at least 😏
  2. That's it everyone, thanks!! Stay tuned for more freebies, I have plenty of HW that I don't use. I will ask @Leeghoofd to step in and randomly choose a winner from all the entrants.
  3. Nice 6GEEE!! Go again on Server 2012, I bet that will get you the gold :D
  4. Hey everyone, it's time for another freebie! I was going through my hardware recently and came across the KPC Venom container. This is such an iconic and legendary CPU pot but I just don't use it anymore. It's still one of the best all around pots and is especially good for 'fullpot' LN2 or Dry Ice. Rather than let it collect dust or sell it, I'd like to just give it away to someone who will use it and love it the way I did. The container has been lapped and it's in excellent condition. Other than the base sanding, it's in OEM condition with no mods done. I am including a KPC thermal probe and all original hardware except the back plate. Unfortunately the back plate has been used to death and butchered up for other projects, so it wont be included with the freebie. Shipping: I will pay USA shipping, but international people will need to pay the entire shipping bill, and it could be over $50 USD Who's eligible: Everyone in good standing at Hwbot! However, I really do want to see it put to use, so only enter if this is something you would use. How to enter: Just make a post in this thread. Winner selection process: The freebie will be open for about 4 weeks. I have asked @Leeghoofd to conduct the drawing on my behalf from the entries. I will 'close' the event and then turn it over to him to randomly select a winner.
  5. I didn't see the most recent bios posted, so here it is... Z59OCF127B
  6. That mount looks sick, nice job!!! Sorry the card is junk...epower can't fix trash 🙈
  7. Thanks to everyone who joined the freebie! This offering has run it's course and tonight I did a quick random name pick to determine the winner. The winner is: gkmltd I don't believe we've ever run into each other but expect a PM from me shortly. Stay tuned for a new freebie I have in the works...something quite a bit better this time :D
  8. I think it might be a handful of Z270 boards only, sadly. You need to look for a large rectangular connector
  9. Hey everyone, I was cleaning out some of my GPU boxes and I found this cool little tool that I don't need anymore. I added a few key voltage displays and mounted the whole thing on a piece of anodized aluminum. They are exceptionally rare!! I think only a handful were made for the Computex event and it never went into production. I received it from Gigabyte free of charge so I'd like to pass it on for free to anyone who wants it. I will pay USA shipping but international guys will need to pay the shipping bill...should be about $33 for most locations. It's open to everyone! If you want a chance to win this, just make any post in this thread. After a few weeks I will use a random name picker.
  10. Thanks guys! Yes. It seems there is a big variance stick to stick
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