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[Price check] 6700k bin, SOC champ, Z170 OCF, Z99M killer 3.1 and GTX 970 HOF


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Hi all,

I'm not sure how much to ask for these items and hoping to get some help.


1) i7 6700k binned (VID 1.248V) for 6.5 Ghz HWBot prime from a forum member (in top 25 elite league).

I was only able to reach up to 6.4 ghz on the ASUS extreme viii and 6.3ghz on MOCF. Maybe someone with better skills could get it to 6.5ghz but I couldn't. No receipt.



2) X99 SOC Champion with LET on the front and back. Comes with box, original accessories and heatsinks. I drilled out the threads in the cpu holddown to allow cpu pot rods to go through but has just enough threads to mount a waterblock. No receipt



3) ASRock X99M Killer rev 3.1 (OC socket) that includes original box and accessories. Have a receipt.



4) Z170 OC Formula that includes original box and accessories. Have a receipt.



5) GTX 970 HOF with LET on front and back (does not come with waterblock as in picture). Does include original heatsink, box and accessories. This was meant to be used under LN2 for Div II Round II but never got around to do it. No receipt.





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