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  1. I was reading this thread and became curious. Every time I run Parallel pi, my 8700k jumps to 100% or high 90's load, no matter the priority. Perhaps a bios setting would allow it to run at half load that I'm not aware of. Leeghoofd would understand this better than me, but this does show the beauty of software like Bench Mate for competitions with restrictions. Very nice indeed, IMO
  2. Not yet. Haven't been able to find any time this past year but hopefully real soon. That nice pot you gave me is still waiting.
  3. Strong Island, was just browsing for fun, nothing in my budget right now. Posting to say hope all is well with you. Surprised to see you selling all your stuff. You are one of the best imo - killing it whenever you put your mind to it from all the subs I saw.
  4. Ya, really was nice of him. A great example of "pay it forward" and the camaraderie sometimes found here at HWbot. I'm thinking Jason deserves some great karma to fall his way.
  5. After a grueling day at work (ok, it wasn't that bad), I stumbled upon a beautiful package at my front door, sent to me by that class guy you all know as GtiJason. Thanks again Jason, found the little goodie package inside along with the EK pot as well. Like Christmas here. Three cheers to you.
  6. That's fantastic and packed up like new. Very much appreciated Jason
  7. That would be awesome and much appreciated. Pm incoming
  8. My condolences on the 7700k and hope you are able to purchase another one just as good. I can relate as many of us are on a tight budget with regards to our love of benching but we push the bunny extraction out of them anyway. I'm looking forward to *attempting* to delid mine, as I think its a decent sample - (50/45 1.85 - 52/45 1.29 cb 15 ??) and learn how to use dry ice. Should be fun. I'll see you in Apprentice when you get there.
  9. Come over from the dark side Luke. You will find peace
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