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Are there ANY tweaking programs for Carrizo (DDR3 or DDR4)?

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Desperate times call for desperate measures... in a manner of speaking :P While I'm indeed in the neverending pursuit of more performance, in this instance I'm looking to take the "Polaris Approach" with less=better, as what I'm sporting is the mobile FX-9800P :o


The most I've been able to come up with for anything tweaking related is an unreleased program made (modified?) by The Stilt, which he (understandably) is unwilling to release publicly.


I've tried the most recent AMDMSRTweaker I was able to dig up which is v1.1 (and another one similar version, but is curiously much smaller file size [no, not 32b vs 64b heh]), but from what I've been able to tell the changes applied do not 'physically' result in any changes. The readings are reflected MSRTweaker, but nothing seems to actually take hold, at least as far as CPUz (and similar read-out software) or benchmarks detail.


I know that the Kaveri and later models have issues with support, namely voltage related which is present of course, but even when dialing back that number which was provided there doesn't seem to be any changes. Thermals under stress testing seem to be the exact same as before making any voltage adjustments. Also, the PStates don't appear to be holding the multipliers either, as I've tried to make the Boost multis a lot lower in order to keep a more consistent clock, but everything appears to indicate that clocks are unchanged.


Reasoning? Well beyond the obvious of increasing battery life, and lower heat output, thus hopefully increasing graphics clocks in games, it's also because the way that AMD chips are setup and in turn handled by Windows power policies... sucks. :\ For example the vast majority of the percentage values do not function at all, due to a large range covering most PStates, such as with the lowest PState covering pretty much everything from 0% to 55% :rolleyes: Or the fact that 100% = boosting, regardless, and 99% = not full-speed but the next PState down, which is like 2.2GHz instead of 2.7GHz.


Beyond that, I sure do miss the days of in-windows RAM Timing tweaks :( What I wouldn't give for something like A64Info again!


At any rate, I doubt anything will come from this, but I honestly couldn't think of anywhere else TO look.


Thanks :celebration:

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Yea, honestly though, that doesn't really surprise me given that I think CPUTweaker was probably the last fan made/third party utility that did memory timings on AMD chips other than Overdrive, and as far as I know it had ceased to support AMD after Thuban (not even my Thuban-based Stars core A8-3850 is supported by it, which was a real bummer).


For that matter, short of being either really good with figuring our registers along with having the tools to manipulate them, or the industry connections to have the awesome insider-programs, then seems like you're basically SOL these days (especially when it comes to AMD :(). I remember when the OC record was set on Bulldozer and I was looking at that screenshot wondering "Man, I've not heard of PSCheck, it looks awesome!", then much to my surprise managed to actually find it on AMD's site (along with a couple other programs that I nabbed, but long since outdatted lol), I was one happy camper! Sadly, I couldn't contain that excitement and shared it with everyone... thus, that area of AMD's site once again getting closed to the public :o Oh well, right? :P


I did see a thread on, I think Overclock.Net, where someone had said they had updated MSRTweaker for Carrizo, but for the life of me I can't find that thread again :\ If anyone happens to know what I'm referring to and can point me to it, I'd love to try to message the guy. Or *cough* better yet... if someone with coding savvy is able to update it themselves for us all, hell that'd be even better!! :ws: :D;)

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