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[PRICE CHECK] ASUS P2B-D (Best dual Slot 1 Motherboard?)

Christian Ney

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I usually keep 5 pcs of each motherboard model (1 for extreme OC, 1 for air testing, 1 for testing mods and 2 backups).

In case of the ASUS P2B-D, I have 8 and since I need to make some room, 3 have to go.


Now I planned on listing them on ebay but figured I would prefer that they end up into overclocker hands.


They all have been flashed with BIOS 1014.003

Board are clean (no dust), no physical damage, no leaking capacitors.

All tested and working.

PCB revision is 1.04

They can all do 133 MHz.


What would be a fair price for one?

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