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Golden 6700k 4.5 1.088v / 4.8 1.232v


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Up for sale a 6700k boxed, delidded with T.Grizzly Conductonaut and resealed. VID on Asus 1.216V which is pretty much as low as it gets. It overclocks like mental which might make it useful for a certain enthusiast comp starting tomorrow :P


IMC is very strong too, 4133 12-11 RTL 49/50 air no problem on 2 Dimmers. Cache is pretty good as well, at 1.232V this chip can run 4800core and 4700 uncore 24/7 stable.



Overclocking results with water-cooling on MOCF


4.5 1.088V 30mins prime95 18k 24C water



4.8 1.232V 90mins prime95 custom in place 25C water



5.0 1.392 30mins prime95 1344k 24C water, needs improved cooling for better result



5.2 is possible for light 3d (01,03,05 etc.) without pushing too hard at reasonable water temps.



600 Euro shipped EU.


Item location: Germany.


Payment via PayPal/IBAN. Buyer is responsible for PayPal fees.


Private sale, no returns, no warranty. Overclocking results may vary, but were achieved as mentioned on my system.

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