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  1. If someone doesn't understand the simple concept of a load line, well they shouldn't buy a chip like this in the first place. Also, not his fault if people use boards with shitty VCore readout.
  2. You should change your title from retired admin to memory Santa
  3. Hi guys, Up for sale a good 3950X. CPU is boxed, invoice from Caseking. Testing was done on C8I with LLC1 with good water-cooling (Mora 3) at 20C ambient. Results 1.34-1.36V load VCore with & without SMT R15 4475MHz / 4550MHz R20 4450MHz / 4525MHz FCLK Maxtrain = 1884MHz 45min Prime95 Non-AVX Custom 4.3 1.208V / 4.4GHz 1.328V - Sold privately - Payment via PayPal/IBAN/transferwise. Buyer is responsible for PayPal fees. Private sale, no returns, no warranty. Item location: Germany.
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