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  1. Sold locally, please move and close.
  2. Erm nope, price is what is says above. I have a second 11700k that I ordered earlier which is opened and fully working, same batch different SN. I did some initial overclocking checks with that one and I currently use it in my work system where it's been running stock. If you want that one, also possible.
  3. What's a month early if they're 5 years late.
  4. Hey guys, Up for sale one 11700k boxed brand new and sealed with invoice from Mindfactory. Sold locally. Item location: Germany. Shipping within EU should be from 10-14€ depending on country and DHL/Hermes. PM me for details! Payment via PayPal/IBAN. Buyer is responsible for PayPal fees. Private sale, no returns, no warranty.
  5. @bartx I can't clock my memory proper with any of the M10A mod-bioses. 0094 is what I use for both 6000 and 9000 series on the M9A, also attached some timings.
  6. Please move and close, need to retest with Z490.
  7. Hey guys, Up for sale 3 kits G.Skill Royal Silver 4266C19. All 3 sets are like new, complete with packaging and "accessories" as well as invoice, protective wrap still on the sticks. I bought them in March, but it took a long time to get a reliable environment for 4800C14. All sets run 4200C12 and 4800C14 and they are even in volts, however there is some variance in tRCD behavior. C12 tests were done with 6700k + M9A, C14 tests with 9900KS + M11A. 1) SN 25+26 Price: -- 2) SN 29+30 Price: -- 3) SN 31+32 Price: -- And more st
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