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  1. Continued support is great for sure, but which ASRock one would be a proper 32M board?
  2. Z490I Unify has 8 phases with 90A Powerstages, should be enough on that side? It's a promising looking board for sure. My biggest concern is BIOS ready for C14 action? as well as voltages being fully open or not. I would really enjoy a good memory-clocking board that doesn't break the bank.
  3. I got another Dark yesterday. Tried A2 TridentZ and it's rough - 4240 14-13 and 3960 12-11. Long way from 4800 A0 TridentZ are working well with 4133-4200 12-11.
  4. I can train 2000 12-11 1t with A0 without issue but Windows goes into recovery mode. I might have two bad IMCs.
  5. IO&SA 1.25V, I tried more and less volts and it doesn't seem to be a factor. I cross checked mems yesterday and they are working ok, this is my working preset from Z270 Apex
  6. I tried P1.20 First 12-11, clocks still drop with more voltage. 1.85V VDIMM 1866MHz, 2V VDIMM 1800MHz Then I switched to TRCD 12: 2V 1933MHz 12-12 2V 2000MHz 16-12 Going from 1933MHz to 2000MHz... no post with 1T, no post with C12,13,14,15
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