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2 results removed from MSI OC eSport compition without any reasoning, went from rank 13 to 30+


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paladdinsane`s HWBOT Prime score: 4562.26 pps with a Core i3 6100




paladdinsane`s Geekbench3 - Multi Core score: 10241 points with a Core i3 6100



These were valid submissions, as far as I can tell, and where removed a day after the MSI cup closed, resulting in my league score dropping points.


Why did this happen?

Any time I've made an invalid submission in the past for some reason I was contacted as to why.

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Morniing - I had a lot of workload, so I did not send PM or reason at removal but I can give you of course explanation. These are indeed valid submissions that comply with hwbot rules but I had to remove them from the ambient competition because you forgot to include temperature monitoring with hwmonitor. If you check the rules again, for the ambient competition temperature monitoring was mandatory to prove benchers did not use sub zero cooling, so this is the reason the submission did not get blocked but were removed from MSI 2D battle

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