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KIT Corsair CMD16GX4M2B3000C15 V4.24 is B-Die?


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Hi guys, i really need your help...


Actually my config is:


I7 5960x Gold 4.5ghz@with 1.1v cpu vcore only with H100i.

Asus X99M-WS with the new bios 3005.

PSU Corsair AX1200i.

And this bad kit 4x8GB Ripjaws V Black 3200 C16-16-16-36-1T, but i cant hit more then 2500mhz C11 with 1.7v this chip E-DIE is the worst for my cpu.


My PC never boot/start when i try clocks higher then 2550mhz even with voltage in 1.8v, SA 1.250v, I/O, PCH in 1.1v and high timmings like 20-28-28-46-2T (I tryed), the pc never start.


So i would like to buy this kit 4x8GB Corsair Platinum Dominator code -> CMD16GX4M2B3000C15 V4.24 is B-Die, i know the version V4.23 is B-DIE (samsung chip), but the version 4.24 is too?


Please guys help me! i really prefer Corsair's memory than the G skills one by aesthetics even knowing the best chips B-DIE belongs G.Skills...

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