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$@39@ - GeForce 9800 GTX(+) @ 1065/1469MHz - 47254 marks 3DMark05

Guest Sinebrychof

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That's funny, that is the exact core I could reach with mine. Eventually just had to give up. Shutdown at around -45c every time. I tried to epower hoping it would bypass something but it didnt help. Someone mentioned trying to disable temperture monitoring but I couldnt find the ic and didnt have enough knowledge to figure out. Was so annoying because I spent so much time modding, firt vid mod and then epower.

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I can bench up to 1100core @ -49-50c but it is on the verge of coldslow so i did not took the chance.cold shutdown can be hardmodded but coldslow is in the bios.i have spent numerous hours trying to find how to properly play with these cards.


ya I was trying to figure out how to hardmod the cold shutdown but figured I would hit cold slow if I went past that temp anyway, so I didnt go any further and just moved on to 8800 gts 640mb.

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