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Guest Digg_de

Selling my 6700K. Boxed with a Amazon.de invoice. I am second Owner.


20161023_230859czss7.jpg 20161023_230929l0scx.jpg


Delidded with Delid Die Mate, not resealed. I had always Grizzly Kryonaut under the IHS.


CPU is not the badest Clocker i guess.. here some Results with my little Singlestage (Load < -40°c). All Results with at least 4000C12 memory except pi32m.

SA/IO Voltage @1.16/1.16v for 4000 12-11 (5G Waza-stable).


-XTU 5315MHz @1.552v

-Geekbench 5400MHz @1.552v

-CB15 5400MHz @1.584v

-Pi32m 5600MHz @1.60v

-3DM01 5600MHz @1.648v 4/4

-3DM03 5600MHz @1.664v 4/4

-3DM05 5500MHz @1.568v 4/4


Before delidding with AiO Cooling:


5000/4500 boot Win7.64 = 1.36v

5000/4800 HWBotprime = 1.38v

4800/4500 CB15 = 1.280v





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