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Unlocking power limit on EVGA GTX 750 1GB


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Hi, I recently looked at a guide at Unlocking the Nvidia Power Limit (all cards!) - Overclocking.Guide that showed how to unlock the power limit on a select number of cards. I was interested in doing this for my card as it seems like I'm way under my potential. My card runs at 60C at full load and it's max I believe is 95C. I saw that it required lowering the resistance of 3 shunt resistors, which I'm unsure on how to locate these on my card. I've included some pictures of my pcb, I hope they are high enough quality. I tried to get the best picture I could. Any help is appreciated, thanks!





Got my GPU back in and it consistently stays at 1201MHz and 1037mV with few exception, rarely I can catch it jumping up to 1285MHz, which is the assigned boost clock, but it goes down almost immediately. This is while the gpu is under full load by using the FurMark test. I think I'm not hitting my potential because clearly the card has the ability to go higher, such as the boost clock of 1285, but it is being limited by the TDP.

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I've gotten it up to about 1200MHz, max voltage is about 1.05v. It won't go any higher than that because I've hit the power limit. Attempting to adjust the voltage offset in afterburner has no effect. This card is powered solely on the pci-e slot, which has a maximum of 75w if I'm not mistaking, and this card's tdp is only 55w. Plus, the card has some soldier spots that make me think I might be able to attach a 6 pin somehow if that is necessary. Usually overclocks are limited on temperature, correct? I've only reached 60C out of 95C max.

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Just got my gpu back together to run some tests. It's at 1201.6MHz. (as reported by GPU-Z) However, the Clock shows as 1220 and the boost shows as 1285. Every once in a while if I watch closely I can catch it jumping up to 1285, but within a split second it goes back to 1201 (I assume it is being throttled by the power limit, since it's constantly hovering 97-100%, then it jumps over 100% to achieve the higher clock, then quickly goes back down. That all makes me assume that a power mod would help me stay at those higher clocks indefinitely.

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