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Hi together,


will also sell some of my skylake chips.


#1 6700k

Able to run 6370 @ XTU

minicoopers`s XTU score: 2196 marks with a Core i7 6700K

Quick 1m test ~ 6700. Should do more with more time.

hwbot prime @ 6600

Chip run easiely at 6500 in 3d. 6600/50 should be possible

minicoopers`s 3DMark03 score: 293902 marks with a GeForce GTX 980 Ti



#2 6700k

my backup chip. used this one only for a quick run in MaxxMem.

minicoopers`s MaxxMem Read Bandwidth score: 42099 MByte/sec. with a DDR4 SDRAM


This chip should do 100mhz less then chip #1


#3 6600k

This one is able to run 6370 @ XTU

Didn't test this chip with other benchmarks

minicoopers`s XTU score: 1971 marks with a Core i5 6600K


All chips run without CB



Prices without shipping:

#1 450€

#2 400€

#3 350€

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