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My best air 7700k


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Hey guys,


I'll sell without warranty the following:

78686c5d6cb2a50bff492f1fcbde1cc4.jpgcb5200jjpeo.png cb5253h5omc.png img_20170207_202500clobj.jpg vtest3w2r27.png

Undelidded on mocf:

5200 R15 1.28v

5250 r15 1.344v

5g prime 1344k 1.20v


Price in the EU shipped is 656 €

This pictures above show values undelidded.

I Delidded it right now. But no gain.

It has an unbelievable cache, 6600 Am3 and r15 at 1.54v pll termination.



Gesendet von meinem HUAWEI NXT-L29 mit Tapatalk

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