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(FS)Asus M8E/ 6600K/ 6100


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up for sale are some 1151 components




1. Asus Maximus VIII Extreme boxed


The board comes with complete accessory apart from oc panel. It is insulated for cold with plasti dip and a small layer of vaseline, the original coolers are included as well as stuff like manual, thermistor cables, cpu installation tool etc, Kaby ready BIOS is flashed. I own three 1151 highend boards and rarely use one, so this can go. No invoice as I got this at a competition, no warranty as well unless you do magic :D




2. Intel Core i5 6600K boxed


Best 6600K I had, hwbotprime 1,3v 5ghz on MOCF, cinebench around 1,21v 4,8GHz. Delidded with LM and resealed, the cpu seems to have a problem with PCIX though as it shows constantly 8x on my boards. For hardware point, good 24/7 system or other use - in original box with booklet.



3, Intel Core i3 6100 boxed


Only used for memory tests, no idea how it clocks. Original condition, comes in box with cooler and booklet




Graphic cards




4. EVGA Geforce 8600GTS 256MB


Works, oc model 675/1075, bulk




5. Colorful Geforce 8800GT 512MB


Works, standard clocks 600/900




6. Gainward Geforce 9800GT 1024MB


Works, standard clocks 600/900



1. 165 Euros+shipping sold

2. 200 Euros+shipping

3. 80 Euros+shipping

4. 15 Euros+shipping

5. 20 Euros+ shipping

6. 20 Euros+ shipping


Payment with western union or paypal (gift or buyer covers fees). Shipping for the board will be around 20 Euros in eu, CPUs I can ship for 9-15 Euros depending on item and transporter


Disclaimer: as usual, this is a private sale from stuff I used for my hobby which now expires obviously, so no re

sturns accepted and no warranty offered

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