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G H Z member discussion thread.


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Hi everyone. Yesterday I recived a email saying that one of my submissions have been blocked.


This one:




The reason is that "fps breakdown must be visible in program window"


The benchmark version was 1.0.0. So FPS breakdown was not possible. But I brought the verication URL, here it is:




It is not enough?


Thanks in advance



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No it is not enough and what has your submission got to do with GHz = nothing. It is about you. Maybe you should have started a discussion about yourself.


I'm sorry. I would have written a PM to G H Z if I could. He is the crew member who blocked the submission.


Just out of curiosity, why the 3dmark verification URL is not enough?


The you can close the thread if you consider it.


I apologize again.


Thanks for your quick reply.

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Not a stress my friend. GHZ is indeed a moderator. Only moderators can block results.



On the 27 October this announcement was posted on the front page for all HWBOT members to take note of and to comply with. :)



Important: screenshot verification mandatory for all submissions


Dear Overclocking Community,


This small news post is to inform you that the general HWBOT benchmark verification rules have been updated.


“As of November 1st, it is mandatory to accompany every score submission with a verification screenshot. This screenshot must suffice to the specific verification requirements of each benchmark. One exception: for CPU-Z validations, a screenshot is not necessary”


This rule has been added after an inquiry from various sources. This rule will mainly affect benchmarks such as 3DMark Vantage and PCMark.


Best regards,


The HWBOT Staff.


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