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Gtx 480 powercard


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This one was easier than I thought a few people said it was hard and won't publicly share there work. I will though. All I did was look at the pinout of the chl8266 controller. The three 3.3v vcc pins 36, 28, and 3 are all connected to the same 3.3v plane. When power is added to the 3.3v power plane it powers all the pins needed. I just picked pin 36 traced to its capacitor and solder to it. The EN pin is 11 and this is where it got tricky because it goes strait to a via and buried trace. The cool thing about the 480&580 ref PCB there is a second controller pad that is not populated but all traces are there and hooked up. I just check continuity between pin 11 on the populated and unpopulated controller pad and it was 0ohm. That makes it easy to just solder straight to the empty pad. I used a small DC DC converter from eBay for 3.3v. I have yet to do an ocp or volt mod. I think I need to pull psi pin 16 high to make sure all phases are active though. I also used an old 570 ref heatsink and cut it for vrm cooling. Any questions just ask.

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Yeah I used a second DC DC converter to supply 5 volts. On my working 480 it was 12v so I tried that too. I not sure what the en pin is looking for I tried 3.3v. That's what I used for up1981 and chl8266. I have to recheck the working one. The card I cut was shipped to me untested with a full cover water block unmounted. They were not secured properly so the block beat the hell out of the card. It did not post so I just checked core voltage before the cut. It could be damaged somehow but looks good.

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