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  1. Not all vendors program the PCB version into the SPD. I know for a fact that Corsair doesn't IDK about others.
  2. It's just bone stock win10. If the VRM wasn't a mess I could probably do 1300+ core. With mem timings fixed in the BIOS I could also run more mem clock probably.
  3. Everything on win10 because I can't be bothered with running the correct OS
  4. I've not run the 9900K on LN2 with any other paste yet so I'm not sure. On my 7740X it cracks a lot less than Kryonaut.
  5. I have a BIOS from gigabyte with more memory voltage available. 1.9V instead of 1.5V. I can't share it.
  6. Do the motherboards need to be good or can they be daily boards? I don't really want to part with my X99-SOC Champ or X299 OCF. On the other hand I do have a Z370 Gaming 7 that IDK what to do with and a steadily growing pile of other Z390 boards. I could also try buy a second hand X99/X299 board here check that it works and trade you that. I'm really intrested in the X58 Classified. What specific GPU models are you looking for?
  7. I thought these would be faster. Is it perhaps hitting the power limit hard in GT1?
  8. yeah retail CPU at -110C because I couldn't figure out the voltages for cold bug.
  9. does running the CPU in 16C/32T lose you clock speed or something? Because even my 7940X gets over 35K at 4.9GHz and that's 14/28.
  10. Um AFAIK the Titan V can't run dual GPU so it can't be used on stage 7. It would only be OK on stage 6 since that's single card. Also for the AM3 SuperPi stage does that require AM3 boards or can you run Phenom IIs on AM3+ boards?
  11. Y u so mean to me
  12. You have to do a hard mod. I never got software voltage control working properly.
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