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  1. I tried it. It helps a little but seems to make core stability slightly worse.
  2. I run like 2450 min clock with 2820 max clock. With 2600min and 2820max the scores are actually worse. Also if you set min clock too low that's also bad. IMO just running the 2 in lock step is wrong.
  3. So far my exp with the 6900XT Red Devil Ultimate(XTXH core) on air is: Raising min clock too much tanks both FPS and stability. Mem clock significantly above 2150 causes performance loss. Major artifacting and black screens at 2250. (I'd guess this can clear up with more Vmem, VDDCI or VSOC depending on where in the chain the errors are coming from) Even with the 1.2V limit you'll want at least a 410W power limit for FSE. So far I've just been using a power play table with a 511W power limit based on the 6900XT OCF BIOS.
  4. you really need to get and use PScheck if you want to improve your valids. Also a board with 1core per CU mode(old ASUS, any Gigabyte/Asrock).
  5. I agree that if you want a all core valid ranking it should just be separate from the existing CPU-z valids.
  6. Apparently CPU-z wasn't bin to win enough as is. So next are we gonna ban maxmem for memory frequency valids and require all mem channels instead of just 1?
  7. isn't this just an issue with new drivers? If use old enough drivers the CB goes away AFAIK
  8. I actually have 1230/1650 core run but phys and combined decided to not score properly and I can't be bothered.
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