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Nick Peyton - FX-8350 @ 5900MHz - 5900 mhz CPU Frequency


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Nice one!

what was the vcore for 5.9G ?


I needed 1.7v


But highest my mobo actually recorded in hwinfo64 was 1.642v


My mobo doesn't allow more than 1.55v. But it does have a "v.core offset" setting. Of up to 150mv. Which got me to 1.7v


It was my 1st ever Extreme Cooling experiment; ever -- & I broke the world record for the fastest CPU Frequency ever recorded using my motherboard model (Asrock Fatal1ty 990FX Killer). <--- crappy board I know, but I liked breaking the record (it gave me something to aim for.......! ;-)


I'm hoping I never done too bad, considering the board had no LLC and had been abused to a point the VRM jumped around by up to 100mv under load lol.






Now I have the ASROCK 990FX EXTREME9. (I desperately wanted to see if getting a decent board could get me further). The Extreme9 is a 12+2 phase I believe.


Not sure what my goal is this time or what I'm actually aiming for tomorrow.


I've got 10kg Dry Ice coming, and don't know what to do with it.. lol


Thanks :-)



Nick Peyton

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