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Trouble posting scores to comps


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Hi, I'm having trouble posting my scores to enter the Rookie #41 competition. For HWBOT Prime, when I upload the data file I get "HTTP Status 500 - Could not resolve view with name 'fileTooBigFailure' in servlet with name 'springmvc'", and when I try upload my data file for GPUPI 1B I get "Invalid data file: Unable to decrypt the datafile", but when I validate the file within GPUPI 1B it states "The result file was successfully decrypted, but the data is invalid [invalid XML data]". Any ideas out there?

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For hwbotprime, make screenshot at normal resolution, screenshot at 4k and similar settings kill the file limit of 2mb. On gpupi 1b, do you submit to right category and also bench cpu?


Thanks websmile, they're exactly the problems. I had my native screen res. at 4K and I was clocking the GPU with CUDA instead of the CPU with OpenCL in GPUIP and getting stupidly fast scores (should have known something was wrong right there, but as I'm new to this site and benchmarking in general I shall forgive myself :))

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