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My 7700K undervolting at stock turbo

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Hello there,

I picked up a 7700K, Asus Maximus IX Hero and Corsair 16GB DDR4 3200MHz.

CPU at all BIOS options at auto was getting around 1.248v(all cores 4.5GHz) at load, and back to 0.727v at 800MHz(idle). Temps are fine with my Noctua D15S, lower 60s c at load.



Now I want to find "undervolt" my CPU to the lowest voltage required for turbo of 4.5GHz(not interested to overclock this cpu now). Now I have CPU voltage mode set to manual in BIOS, and value is 1.120v and it boots normally. Did a run of 3DMark Firestrike physics and then Cinebench R15 multithreaded and all passed normally without issues.

My questions:

1. Is it possible that my 7700K can perform normally with this low 1.120v?

2. Should I keep trying to go lower in voltage?

3. If everything I use my PC for behave normally, is there any downside to force CPU to work in low voltage state?


Thanks guys.

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1. Yes

2. Yes, if you are willing to invest the time and it is fun

3. No, if full stability is OK, no downside. Do you have speedstep and power states enabled so the mutliplicator and voltage drop when idle in windows? Might be another option to undervolt and save even more power

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Thanks for your reply.

My main point was to reduce heat while gaming.

I have all C states at auto or enabled currently.

The challenge now is how to make manual voltage becomes the adaptive value, I heard that it'll be difficult to drive low voltage to CPU especially at turbo when it's less than VID for Kabylake.

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