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7700K Ambient


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After having a few lemons, looking for a good 7700k so I can stop wasting my time/money.



Retail only.


5.2 1.28v R15 or less on ASUS - LLC5 or DMM. No LLC6+. Proven scaling if you've got the cooling to do so.


4.8 cache at 1.3v or less.


Proven IMC - 4133-12-12 minimum.


Even core temps, if it's got one core +10-20 delta over the rest forget about it.


Lid on / lid off, not bothered but let me know what if it was delid or pre-delid on testing.


Not interested in MOCF results.


Screen shots.


Not bothered if it craps out on LN2 ala 643's, it'll only be run on ambient.


PM me. :)


....if it does all that and makes a good brew i'll pay extra. :D

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