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Help needed - a8-3870k Still alive.


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Hello guys i am from Colombia, so.... :) my english sucks!


First of all i want to tell u guys, about my Dinassaur rig.


*A8-3870k 3.0 ghz and a 1.4 Cpu V. stock

*MSI A75MA-G55

*Corsair vengeance 2X4 DDR3 Ver. 2.12 (1600 CL9) (i have a dominator 4X4 1866 just packaged, dont wanna use it yet.)

*TT Hyper 212 evo

*HDD: Itachi Barracuda 7200 rpm

*TT TR2 600 W

*I have a VGA monitor (this is important because HDMI port maybe could be efficient for OC, IDK u tell me).

*Gigabyte R9-270X Windforce 2GB DDR5

*Windows 10 pro 64 bits.


Well!. i have been researching about my chip, and i want to get a respectable 24/7 OC, Just to my CPU, not my GPU.


I cant not pass the barrier of 3.4 ghz without crashing my OS with Prime 95 with a 1.44 CPU Voltage.


I can have a stable frequency of 3.3 ghz without increasing my CPU Voltage. But when i go for 3.4 ghz (increasing the voltage +0.4) there u go! the crash. I want to quote if i increase the frequency to 3.4 ghz without moving the CPU V, i cant even get into windows.


NOTE: I am scared of increasing the CPU V to 1.5, i have do it, but still not getting an stable freaquency of 3.4 ghz.

The thing is: is my Chip a lame?, or is other Hardware component of my rig that is making this issue?.


All my temps dont exceed the 60°C Full load.


I have the Cooln´QUiet Disable, State C6 Disable... what else?, lab burst mode on


Is there anything else i need to know about a basic oc?


Thx for reading....!

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  • Crew

Even though 60°C doesn't look like hot, it is for some AMD generations, so they become really unstable. Leave the case open and try to OC it again with the window open during night (no idea about nite temps in Columbia) if it is more stable, you can invest in some better cooling.


Does your motherboard have loadline calibration setting in the bios (this keeps the voltages during idle and load more stable), Google Vdroop and Vdrop, that will clarify some things.


Now honestly the difference in 3.4 or 3.5GHz will not be big. For benching each MHz counts. For daily usage enjoy it at 3.4.

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thank you for the answer.


My room temp is 24°C, system temp about 34°C.

I think the problem is the bios of this MOBO. I have the 2.0 version.

Do you really think is a overheating issue?. Can i show a video that i made yesterday... i thought my system was stable, but i was wrong. the CPU Voltage was to high!...


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