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  1. The ideas are cool but it's impossible to define bro: are you a good tweaker because you got every last mhz out of the card or did you just get lucky with a gem GPU. Are you a good tweaker because you can only get 2400Mhz but you are very efficient or was that a once in a lifetime run. Or did the overclockere even downclock to make his run more efficient? We want to simplify the point system, ditch the far too complex algorythms that messed up the rankings the last 3-4 years. The Bot currently does not recalculate all submissions, so it leaves people in the cold. Noo
  2. re-added the benchmark, also lost during the Dbase reset
  3. when did you submit it ? could be lost due to the backup that was restored. Is it this one ? https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/53985015
  4. That's the sad effect of the current point cut off system. One more reason to get rid of it... It is high on the prio list.
  5. New BenchMate is coming. 10.6 Beta2 worked. Beta3 did not save properly. So hold on
  6. It's not that when a user reports your score you are automatically convicted. From the moment the moderator steps in and analyses the score, there are 3 options. Either the scores gets approved, requires more proof or will be removed. Also if you are in a team the Team Captain will also be advised and he can act as a first line of defence. Now, like with the memory score of 7Ghz, this particular score got pulled as companies already had their marketing machine in full motion. If Hwbot leaves a score up it automatically means it's approved and checked for them. Also if you score ins
  7. Admin page has been just linked to this production, should work again .. thx Eike and Tim
  8. When did you add it ? I had to correct yesterday H61M, all sockets were gone...
  9. I didn't get any link of a video, the goal here is to improve the benchmark and to find out how you can score so low versus the rest of the world. FYI this info will remain btn you me and the developer of Mathbench. Again noone is calling you a cheater or whatever. This benchmark is quite new and due to using it in Country Cup we already found out some flaws and the developer immediately corrected it. Now with your input we can further improve it and make it more stable/secure.
  10. Check the benchmark rules page. This is just an example how it will look in the future
  11. I can do Karas Svorka for you , but no freaky accents or such...
  12. Manual submission must work, not at home.. will check later ( there are no rules set yet )
  13. no ETA yet Tobias, it's coming when it's ready. Also will require some Beta testing too first...
  14. 2 things here: The taskbar is one of requirements regarding the verification standards here at HWBot. On the frontpage this is listed since early this year: https://hwbot.org/newsflash/5140_updated_rules_for_verification_screenshots_2020_from_08012020/ Secondly if your score is too high versus the others it could be that the score output is bugged. The Mathbench is still in Beta so we need to gather as much information if someone has a very high score and especially how this was achieved. Now your score in particular has an insanely low Pi time at around 14ms, while all the rest
  15. As soon they get out of beta this is how the points will be attributed (in beta state you "normally" don't receive any points)
  16. yes HyperPi its defined by CPU type, not Socket type. Just ensure you run instances equal to either HT or physical cores (non HT CPUs) CPU ranking type
  17. I looked how they scored and they were in the score range of a 1080Ti around 10-11K... so they were not left out by oversight.
  18. if we remove points from all non secure benchmarks we end up with 12 benches in total for 2 and 3D... overruled 😛 So 3D will get 14 benches for Globals, 2D only 11 or 12 Updated the list:
  19. yeah but I have to think in a broader range here. If you can only get globals with an RTX card it will exclude tons of users... I have to think about everybody and not only about Stavros & Mike in their own personal hardware heaven... Hence why globals for something stupid maybe in your eyes as SILLY 01 is still a necessity. Looking into Tobias idea to have a few more globals for 3D as SLI /crossfire is fading out
  20. Small HWBOT downtime for approx 30-45 minutes to release Port Royal starting from now CET 20:45
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