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  1. weekly - reported - to the - programmers - again unbump ­čśŤ
  2. Reported this to the programmers, I don't have them rights to do that
  3. That Stage is not entirely Legacy GPUs, otherwise PCIe without any restrictions would not be in there right? It's a mix of the proposed stage from previous cups with an added flavor to be able to use the latest and greatest
  4. hata to burst ya bullble but you will have to run AM3 on 7 to get a valid result.... AM3 has become a CPU benchmark on from early Haswell generation, hence why global points have been pulled
  5. K stage will reopen as Firestrike Ultra, the card limitations are gone. Server CPU has been specified Common guys, I got 6 pms that people want to change their vote. and two users mentioned it on top in the thread... So the poll became kindda useless.... Closed
  6. No further comments seems you got it al figured out... Try fixing X265 CC subs, look at the hardware rankings. Current CC subs get more points than normal ones... Anyway it has been disabled to reduce server load as users recalculate their rankings after each sub... People even want competition points while the compo is still running... Sigh... Some want team points NOW even though they only subbed ONE single score... I get spammed daily bout this and can't do anything bout it. Something glitched in the last months and it frustrates me more than you guys that final rankings, hardware rankings and other things get messed up big time. A full recalc takes days and with the current issues will solve some stuff or even break harder. They need to get it figured out asap...
  7. Usually, lowering from png to jpg screenshot, reduces the file size) too
  8. If there's still a bug do you think recalculate will help, I already did this 10 times to get the ranking of the Challengers correct, nothing works bro It has been reported....
  9. Opened a Poll regarding Stage 14, vote and make a difference (or not)
  10. plz vote , stage will reopen either unchanged or with Firestrike Extreme and yes or no server GPUs Majority wins
  11. I'll open a poll Tasos, okay. Will close stage 14 for now. I just wanted it to be fully gpu limited and users, have been demanding dual gpu for a long time. @jpmboy stage is clearly defined as Gpu score....
  12. K i'll open up again , but the first that nags about why is this card being allowed is getting a ban you need only 4 dual GPU cards, 590, 690, 6990, 7990 also can run it right? Issue is that most look for the best performant setup, usually its more about getting the scores done , than have 2 high scores and 2 missing subs. It's Country Cup right?
  13. well provide them links and we will try to fix them, if noone reports them we can't act right... not sure what this has to do with the benchmate thread @MaddMutt yep it has been the same with some members in the team too that switching GPU sometimes fixed the loading screen error
  14. I added it to the rules, atm we are busy with the double account thingy to figure out what happened there
  15. One per user sir For the unlocking part as long as we have maximum 4 cores and CPUZ/HWBOT picks it up as Deneb I'm fine with it
  16. I'll add that CPU, but I can already tell you that bugged XTU score is not gonna happen, a 6 core CPU at them frequencies , no way reaching of7000 points....
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