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  1. Just freshly arrived on my doorstep, brand new retail Z590 OC Formula. Thanks daddy @NickShih for the board and @Splave for including his 2nd reject Seepeeuuuu. Looking forward to play with these and compare the latest Formula with the competition.
  2. I talked to David and he got a 100ms perf loss versus with and without... you can disable a lot and even slow down the polling
  3. Do you know or is it a guess? We haven't noticed a 1 sec los with LLC S775. you can disable 98% of the monitoring as we only needed highest core clocks. Also If its the same for everybody?
  4. There's an alphabetical order for some rankings, which is not okay, it should always be who subbed the score first in case of an identical score. HWBOT 2020 Make it great again Thread: - HWBOT 2021 Edition - HWBOT Community Forums its in the bug list
  5. I don't see that result anywhere, not in his profile, not in the CPU nor Team ranking... so its either blocked or has been deleted
  6. He has dual channel memory installed. XTU is very memory sensitive. Also difference in CPU microcode (Bios version) can have an impact on performance. But it will probably be related to your single channel memory setup.
  7. https://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/k8n_neo4_f_ms_7125/
  8. Plz use the provided competition background: https://i.postimg.cc/W4CQFFzf/210308-Pro-OC-01.jpg
  9. Can you up the UL benchmark verification link plz something in the line of http://3dmark.com/spy/xxxxx
  10. https://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/ws_z390_pro/
  11. Put off ya glasses and it will look the same as before
  12. its the value you can set in OCX SPi tweaker for the wazaa. If ever you break a WR with the tips from GTIJason, I hope you will put his name in the comment box
  13. That would be a good option. If possible able to fix the datafile size too, users either had to run with systeminfo off and/or reduce the screen resolution before saving. Otherwise the API would reject the file
  14. You got a wetransfer link send to the email adress of your HWBOT account
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