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  1. @snakeeyes @Faktorx2 @Jimshown LMHF @chispy Let's try this. We will require further video proof to dig more into this unleashed performance Open your AMD adrenaline drivers and show Tess is set to Enabled, than set your clocks and run the benchmark, keep on filming. After it displays the score, open GPUZ twice, one tab open to show the set clocks, plus one sensor tab open that monitors the real clocks ( while have opened the GPUZ render ), reopen the AMD Adrenaline driver to show Tess is still enabled. Stop filming... Redo the above , but this time set Tesselation to Disabled in the Adrenaline driver. you all got PM
  2. Plz rerun and show effective clocks in GPUZ and GPUZ sensor tab to avoid any discussion. You got great card, you can do it again on your setup! There are some gem cards at the Bot Biso Biso, that reach similar clocks on water than LN2'ed cards.
  3. Link verification rules have been dropped for 05/06 since end of May, always check the latest rules J
  4. Getting there Frank, any chance to share the board biosses plz for the Z690 thread, thx
  5. Use the official competition background, with CPUZ 1.98 CPU, Motherboard
  6. Total size of the pictures including the verification screenshot?
  7. these categories will be merged soon, no problem, it is superpi32M
  8. Don't forget to open the subdetails window sir as stated in the verification rules.
  9. Don't forget to show the subtest results as in the sample screenshot: https://hwbot.org/rules?referenceId=5186
  10. Ask @mickulty about it, he will explain in detail, it is his brainchild. @Strunkenbold that is indeed Roman's plan, but before we will have that code readied we will be at least one CPU gen further, so we took this intermediate step and are analyzing the effects. Sorry guys I can't keep on explaining things over and over again because someone has an idea of what to do next. The state HWBot was in during the transfer to Roman and Eike and the state it is now is already day and nite. But each time Tim fixes something , usually something else will pop up. And he still hasn't touched anything for us in the Dbase to make our life easier. For now we took this decision to split-up and that is how it will be till we can merge again or even see if it can work like this (with once points for the ST benches and not in the 2 categories) But we are busy on other stuff first than this.
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