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Yes, I am new and always loved tinkering with hardware. I have messed some up along the way. So I do know the risk. Thank you guys for letting me join. Maybe I might be a big guy here one day.


The question I have. Is I haven't been having luck searching the forums. Maybe I'm just looking for the wrong key words, I don't know.


If you unhook the bus clock from the base clock via Bios editing. Is this allowed or is this considered to be cheating? I assumed since it added an extra risk and potential problems for the person overclocking that it would be okay. Generally even doing that will only yield you so much gains.


So if someone around here sees this that knows if this is okay or not let me know. I have a system sitting around like this. I did attempt this with an X99 mobo and well lets just say RIP to that mobo. Truth be told I am even a rookie at doing bios editing. Also microcode updating is this allowed? I haven't done it in the one competition that I have done. I won't do it till I find out for sure. I did however see others that I suspected of doing this same thing in the competition I was in.


Thanks for any help



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Hi and welcome

unlocking BIOS options via editing should be ok, it is risky business though.


P.S. As long as you only unlock features or improve oc, this is ok, what of course is not ok is changing settings that might trick the system with stuff like timers xD

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