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If you got tips, tricks and want to share them what better place then here?


Xtu, for me responds and rewards me with better scores with tight, fast ram. 32 bit windows is your friend here.


X265 1080P, for me the hardest bench. Would have to clock down 1 multi, run the bench initally to get over the delay it has then clock up and do my runs. Fast tight ram helped alot and throwing extra volts at it might hinder your scores/oc potential.


Wp, another difficult bench. Temps dictated everything for me. Once it passed a certain temp, scores tanked.


Got any tips tricks? Questions?

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Wprime likes Vista on older CPUs, not sure if it is the same for newer stuff, also XP will likely be better than 10/8.1 for the small wprime bench :)

In XTU you could try a tool that automatically sets the priority of the benchmark process higer (process lasso or process hacker for example), this can yield quite big improvements :)

X265: I have no clue about that bench and how it scales with RAM or cache, but i'd bet realtime priority will yield some gains here too...

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