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(EU)GPUs - Lightning, GTX260BE and more


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Welcome to the last part of my GPU sale. All items are working and in good technical condition, for details refer to the descriptions of the cards. In the upcoming weeks I will also sell most of my CPUs and mems, but a several unplanned delays did stop me from a combined thread. The cards are listed from upper left to lower right on the picture Let´s go




1. MSI Geforce 8800GT 512MB Zilent


Oc model, 660/1650/950 stocks clocks. In good condition


2. Gainward Geforce 9800GT 512MB


Standard clocks, good condition


3. 2x Gainward Geforce 250GTS 512MB


Both cards come with 2xpower plugs despite one being a green edition, this only means it is downclocked, on oc is works well. You can change this by flashing a standard BIOS anyway, I had no problem to run them at sli


4. MSI ATI 6970 2GB Twin Frozr Lightning


Beautiful card, it worked flaless for me. Not sure if the extreme BIOS works though, on air it showed black screen for me, something I heard from others as well, might be bad version.


5. Asus Geforce 260GTX 216 896MB


Standard model, works fine


6. XFX Geforce 260GTX 216 896MB Black edition 666


One of three BEs I purchased with the plan to test triple sli, I abandoned this plan after Asus fu... up the M8Extreme Kaby Lake BIOSes because my time is to precious to waste it on second tier garbage. Instead I benched two cards at sli on asrock mocf and sold them, now I sell the last card as well. Very good condition


7. Palit Geforce 250GTS 512MB


Green edition but two power plugs, which means it clocks well and can be flashed to normal 250 if needed. Good condition



1. 20 Euros

2. 15 Euros

3. 35 Euros

4. 80 Euros

5. 20 Euros

6. 30 Euros

7. 20 Euros


All prices are without shipping cost, depending on number of cards and weight as well as location this will vry, so please get a quote. Payment is possible with Paypal (gift or buyer covers fees) or western union.



Disclaimer: No returns, no warranty - all items leave here in working condition, nothing is shipped without a last test...

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