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I am trying to change the background picture bg-large.jpg with the CSS commands on my profile.


It works in the preview window below however when I save the profile the picture dont show up as if it is over ridden by something else.


I have tried various sizes of jpg files but even using smaller than original background still gives issues.


The picture I am using is on my own site over at smugmug.com


Any solutions? ideas?



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no worries got it working and this is how if anyone would like to do the same.




background-image: url(//photos.smugmug.com/background-1184-X3.jpg);background-size:100%;

background-color: #000000;










I had to remove the http: or htttps in the beginning of the code for my backgroundfile


the ul.sf-menu changes the color of the menu to work better with the background picture in my case.

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