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  1. please add https://www.crucial.com/products/ssd/crucial-t700-ssd am ready to sub with this new PCIE5 ssd
  2. Hi Rauf, Ill take it. Delivery within Sweden:-) see PM
  3. seems this sub https://hwbot.org/submission?resultId=5237031 was reported as a cheat on 9 april while i was away on weekend. Meanwhile I have no clue why online screenshot is garbled but here is the correct one. the sub had been up since 27 March.
  4. To continue on this one. I am using bios 0021 and i see if i do "mode2": it should switch into gear 4 but that does not happen. so what is the trick to get the system over to gear 4. I dont see any settings anywhere for this.
  5. How can we stop the apex z790 from downclocking the CPU to 4800 Mhz under AVX512 runs. I am using 0022 bios so got the AVX512 active already . To note i am using the 12600K CPU. is there another bios or just a setting. So far i have not been able to with the AVX offset settings even if i set them to 0.if i set the cores and 0 offset in XTU it will give me higher speed than 4800 but down clocks 100Mhz always from set core speed also during AVX512 run. Just gave up on my tachyon z690 which never seem to work on this either except there i can atleast run 5400 in the 5500 limit competition.... sigh....
  6. I see some of the guys with DRAM speeds above 10000 are using what seems to be 1-channel mode as reported in CPUz. I have seen on several subs with bios 0021. I use the same but have not found a way to turn off one channel any tips?
  7. wow thats sad donkey work indeed. you mean there are over 40K confused people ?
  8. Have played lots now with the z790 Apex and it works like a charm.. Now for some reason my 2x GTX 590s will not work in the relevant SLI configuration thus recognizing 4x GPUs. I thought it had to do with PCIE lanes but alas that does not seem to be the issue. I just installed my 12900ks and my 2x GTX590s in my Z690 Tachyon and imagine it works like a charm. Well my tachyon wont do the same memory speeds as the Z790 Apex thus i would really want to get that working. is there a solution in any bios version? or can we have one.
  9. Yes thats how i sub it so mine should be ok. Just looking at the lists same time.
  10. I notice there is a more than unusual number of subs in the GTX 590 and 2x gtx 590 categories that dont have screen shots in the subs. I was about to mark several but then wondered if there is a database issue on the same. The GTX 590 internally contain 2 GPUs thus when we sub 1 it show s up as 2x. when we ub 2x it shows up as 4X GTX 590 on sub when looked at. Meanwhile there seems to be a big mix of 2X subs in between all the ones that should be 4X based on the structure. Meanwhile I just noticed that even Benchmate have issue with the physical amount of Cards vs actual GPUS on the card. thus between the strange labelling and no screenshots i was starting to doubt if i should report subs
  11. reply to my own thread :-= let the X299 dark sit and simmer on code 62 for 5 minutes with no screen then suddenly the MB beeps and starts the OS. Like magic!
  12. Is there any specific trick to get the GTX 590 to work on a X299 Dark MB. I have 2 GTX 590s and want to test them in SLI on the x299. this can not be done seemingly on the z platforms as i seem to run out of PCIE lanes so just wont start. I want to use it with my 9960 processor. Effectively whatever i do i dont get any GPU output even to get to bios with the GTX 590 on this MB.
  13. i personally normally dont do anything inside the socket directly under CPU or on the CPU itself. So far i have not had issues but that is never a guarantee ? Though if i was to do anything it would have been liquid electrical tape. I spoilt too many Mbs with Eraser as it is difficult yo get out once among the pins. Dont use nailpolish as it has high potential to crack. For the vaseline while sticky so a mess to deal with if you use denatured alcohol you can completely disolve it without any visible signs after. (that is if you ever want to get it out.) Whatever you choose just make sure you do not after going subzero with dry ice or anything leave the CPU in socket once the session is over. it will be important to ensure any after action condensation has a good chance of drying out. There are more advice and posts on all these matters here on HWbot so look around. nothing is final in terms of process thus no perfect solution. you have to try what works best, carefully ?
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