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  1. same for me i have 4 x 48 points but it only show 96 points summary and 0 point overall as per above screenshots despite the daily refresh (which seem to happen around 0800 manila time)
  2. Matsglobetrotter

    Challengers 2019 Round 1

    was it concluded if we can take part in more than one division? I still like to enjoy all of them 🙂 except no AMD hardware
  3. Matsglobetrotter

    Challengers 2019 Round 1

    😉 now i have submitted 3.2 like the others
  4. [quote]Hi, this submission is invalid. you need to use GPUPI 3.3 and above.. not GPUPI3.2[/quote] sorry ignore this seems there is confusion in rules
  5. Matsglobetrotter

    Challengers 2019 Round 1

    Hi, Seems there is inconsistency in the rules again. The leadeboards on OC-Esports says CHALLENGER 2019 DIVISION IV ROUND 1 4-CORES ONLY - GPUPI FOR CPU - 1B V.3.3 meanwwhile on HWBOT rules it also shows Stage 2 -GPUPI for CPU 1B v3.3 However submissions done by the 2 leaders are 3.2....to which I comment.. Just wasted 2 hours if it now is 3.2 anyway....
  6. Hi, this sub is invalid for competition. its using GPUPI 3.2 but you need to use GPUPI 3.3 as per rules
  7. Hi, this submission is invalid. you need to use GPUPI 3.3 and above.. not GPUPI3.2
  8. Matsglobetrotter

    Challengers 2019 Round 1

    looks like some interesting competitions and yes i want to take part in multiple divisions 🙂
  9. Matsglobetrotter

    Wrong league due to wrong submition

    Oopps. i was just doing some run on a laptop and for some obscure reason it was recorded as LN for cooling when i did the CPU speed run upload (now corrected). Now I dont know how to run LN on a laptop 🙂 I can never use LN in my Condo as it is a forbidden substance to bring in so it does not make sense to be in that league. I have ventured into DICE and will remain there. Can i please get some help to put me back in the Apprentice league where i do belong.= which was created for us OCers who cant go full out.
  10. Matsglobetrotter

    HWBOT Rev8 going live now.

    Today it seems something has happened on the site. Suddenly I am in the extreme league. I do like my apprentice status as I have never run anything beyond DICE which is in the apprentice class. I cant and will not use LN as it would be illegal to even bring it into my condo..
  11. Matsglobetrotter

    Tweak book for cheats

    Whats a cheat and whats a valid tweak, optimization? Seems we should actually publish a whole book about what has been tested over the years. Supepi Waza - never used it did not even understand the freaking thing. Meanwhile keep stopping services, optimizing priority and lowering screen resolution, turn of explorer, turn off cores, hyperthreading. increasing clocks, bclk and tweak ram. Catzilla - yes start 3D11 then it gets better. a bloatware solution that improves, why not. using 3DMArk stuff with wrong drivers is in some cases a necessary evil as the drivers are not always available and why not use an old driver that has less bloatware stuff? part of the game. but yes "inconsistent timing" is definitely an issue. (my 5960 is partially gone so will always give that these days dont even us it anymore) Lod/aa Never cared for doing such meanwhile yes nvidia inspector and using a optimized profile why not, turning of the auto slowdown of clocks on GPU why not. soldering the hardware why not. using GPU tweak to clean up memory, closing services and turning of Windows bloatfancy screen icons sure why not. Hwbot Prime. Used to love running it with Java 6u45 or 6u17 as it gave better scores tried others but always got lower scores. Now thats out the window with the new modified 1.0.1 version. not sure which java is best anymore but it has to be what 8 series? hmm meanwhile maybe i should load a mini linux install and run it on the machine. Running CPUz and saving the validation as the submit validation crashes full time why not. Doing ASUS hardware down clock to be able to save the scores which otherwise would have crashed when trying to load a picture grabber seems to me suspect....but sure why not. (does that mean cpuz z still report high clocks?) Running 3d01se sub benchers manually and in different order with 5 hours in between each to make sure the computer is cool again, sure why not if you can be bothered. I have more issues with someone comparing and submitting AMD graphic cards as internal when infact the cpu is a hybrid on the die. so its impossible to compete when in same category... The competition organizers need to be more careful how such is defined in the rules. when is discrete really discrete? The biggest cheats otherwise is to me engineering samples or binned 2000 USD CPUs that no one ever reasonably can get access to as there might be 5 in the world. let the CPU lottery be just that a lottery. I dont mind that they are ranked somewhere but not in the normal leagues but to me defeats the purpose of OC-ing being a sport so should be put aside as a curiosity. Changing bios, firmware perfectly fine to me. However i believe that if someone can modify the same and do super special mods to the same then it should be mandatory that they are published so that its not a team of 2-5 in the world only using the same. Down grading bios to use old microcode, why not. if it then is insecure for regular users?... no worries. Doing hardware mods to MB's to run CPU's on older never versions/ 1151 types and gain advantage that way why not? Cudos to the guys who actually dare do so as the risks are high on cpu failure and is an extreme technical competency that should be encouraged. But no, modifying software to cheat on scores and subsets that are not declared actively deceiving the community, such should get 3 warnings and then a ban... permanently.
  12. that just mean the voting system was imbalanced so the questions should be reformulated to have 2 negative one neutral and 2 positive answers.... As you ask the question you will get the projected answer.... "We should not have career league include competition points, should we? the most likely answer is , no. " "Ofcourse we should have career league include competition points, u agree? . the most likely answer is , yes. " Thus to do the poll in this particular case should be like the "brexit poll", simply yes or no. ... The illusion of giving people a choice 😉 but then that's my two pesos of comments
  13. Competition points only! Make sense per season. In addition competition points dont make any sense for Country cups..... While we might be 50 or 100 people OCing in teams I was only the single participant from Sweden in the same 2 years running. Despite having a super rocket like Rauf in Sweden.... Thus what would I do to gain points? assign another country to benefit the most? Well i live in Philippines at the moment and guess what .. i would still be the sole participant. We are a somewhat steady team in MLG the last year but counting the last 2 we had a major change in loss of high scoring members. Could I as member affect that ? not one bit, and i dont know the reasons for them leaving but they are still my friends. Meanwhile for the Country cup points the answer was simply.. "we have decided not to compete this year" despite me actively requesting support on the Sweclockers website where most are available for Sweden. (did not need serious scores just a swede competing in the sections I could not) I still became country number 20 in the top scores... go figure... 2-3 years ago i added many points but the swedish ... team divided the loot among the internal team. Not that I care, i compete to gain scores and am happy to buy the hardware. it though showed the unreasonable issue of country points counting towards any totals, seasonal or not. (unless ofcourse you make a handicap for a country with 1 participant compared to thousands.....) meanwhile global and hardware points are effectively a true measure that can span years independently. Scores in competition might be my personal best or it might not but it can either way contribute to a team based on the unique hardware, that however only makes any sense for a season. its otherwise like saying.. because xxx team /country won olympics in 1912 it should count in 2020.... who remembers? and cares about how many gold anyone racked up then.. (except to say Sweden is the only team to win World championship and olympics gold in the same year in ice hockey despite being so small a country ... and i dont even remember the year that happened and no one would care except swedes). Meanwhile everyone still compete against the actual world record in whatever sport, every single year, no matter how many years it takes nor where the record holder came from.
  14. Matsglobetrotter

    HWBOT Rev8 going live now.

    Yeah this revision looks good, loads fast, feels robust and stable from first moment. Cudos to the team behind all the work!! Time to rack'em points up.