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  1. I like seeing new benchmarks being developed however i also realize that software seems to be a commodity that have short expiry date. The code is propriety and linked to a specific developer. The moment the developer get tired of the project the software somehow dies off. I liked Hwprime, Catzilla (when it worked) , XTU. I also like CPUZ as its the one single longest lasting benchmark/measurement tools that seems to surpass all the generations of CPU's and motherboards. i guess because its the so far most robust tool for the same (despite some flaws). I wonder what the lifespan has been for
  2. it makes sense to measure max frequency and so far CPUz has done the best job of doing so since eons ago. Though i sometimes hate the crashes in validation 😉 To simply say that we would not be turning off cores though does not make sense since most world records are based on adjusting the same which is a simple change in the bios. probably there since the first dual core was introduced.. I am quite sure some of the 3D benches would not have the records they have without some cores being turned off also, afterall some of them are not multithreaded. Since now intel and i guess AMD als
  3. bullet proof hehe. we are working on the edge of all hardware so no wonder the software gets.. flaky hehe
  4. Just my 2 cents or maybe 4 as the post is longer. not evaluating what has been and what will be but more looking at the hardware aspects as i also commented on a great video made by Buildzoid in the same line of thought. I completely agree with the aspect of simply measuring cpuz and get it validated for a single core. Binned or not it shows a great complexity to be able to overclock up to 7 - 9 Ghz range on any CPU. Congratulations to those who managed and hold the records. I also congratulate the manufacturers of both CPU and Motherboards and memory who made it possible. Having e
  5. does that mean old records will be scratched. as otherwise its simply impossible to reach the point levels set anyway.
  6. no way haha :-) dont know what kind of juice you poured into that setup. Great Score!! Congratulations :-)
  7. you need to add in the verification link or it is not valid for the competition
  8. I would like to congratulate Obijuan83 on finally reaching the number one spot in the apprentice league Career ranking. For several years now we have seen poparamiro sitting in the top slot with no movement. Its definitely an achievement gaining over 2700 points with the cooling systems at hand. A few months ago I even saw Obi trying to sell of his stuff but was encouraged to not do so and keep pushing 🙂
  9. From UL/Futuremark site SystemInfo is a component used in many of our benchmarks to identify the hardware in your system. It does not collect any personally identifiable information. SystemInfo updates do not affect benchmark scores but you may need the latest version in order to obtain a valid score. The most recent versions of our currently supported benchmarks will prompt you to install new SystemInfo updates. Alternatively, you can update SystemInfo yourself from this page. Note that Windows XP, 3DMark06, and PCMark05 are no longer supported. SystemInfo functionality
  10. benchmate 0.10.7 is reporting one too many cores in WPRIME thus 9 instead of 8 for a 7700k
  11. so bench more and suddenly a bunch of points will come reorganizing the leaderboard :-)
  12. thanks. Overall seems it runs better and with higher scores on AMD platform. I have only two old CPUs hehe will need to get more on AMD
  13. Just tested it out FUGGER and yes that works perfectly. No error messages at all. Which effectively mean that ULs instructions that Windows 7 SP1 works is not true. It has to be Windows 7 SP1 plus all the KB files until the OS was deprecated... What is interesting is that PCM10Express even with error messages will run the error Libre office sections after the error messages are closed. As per info I saw on Steam effectively PCM will then run the spreadsheet parts without OpenCL at an estimated loss of 15-20% of the score while still give a valid score and validation link.
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