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  1. Thanks Antinomy, yes I forgot to write the TI. Meanwhile have posted a full set of subs for it 🙂
  2. Hi, Please add the following GPU into the hardware Nvidia GTX 1660 https://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/details/46m79
  3. Thanks Jab38. seems in confused the discussion on the rules on the forum. Will bring out the Dry ICe shortly :-) this 3C chiller is doing a good job but not enough relatively :-)
  4. i believe it can not be the intent of the competition to have LN where HW mon shows 0 as idle 0 as under load while an external monitor shows -52 C as qualifying result.
  5. same for me i have 4 x 48 points but it only show 96 points summary and 0 point overall as per above screenshots despite the daily refresh (which seem to happen around 0800 manila time)
  6. was it concluded if we can take part in more than one division? I still like to enjoy all of them 🙂 except no AMD hardware
  7. 😉 now i have submitted 3.2 like the others
  8. [quote]Hi, this submission is invalid. you need to use GPUPI 3.3 and above.. not GPUPI3.2[/quote] sorry ignore this seems there is confusion in rules
  9. Hi, Seems there is inconsistency in the rules again. The leadeboards on OC-Esports says CHALLENGER 2019 DIVISION IV ROUND 1 4-CORES ONLY - GPUPI FOR CPU - 1B V.3.3 meanwwhile on HWBOT rules it also shows Stage 2 -GPUPI for CPU 1B v3.3 However submissions done by the 2 leaders are 3.2....to which I comment.. Just wasted 2 hours if it now is 3.2 anyway....
  10. Hi, this sub is invalid for competition. its using GPUPI 3.2 but you need to use GPUPI 3.3 as per rules
  11. Hi, this submission is invalid. you need to use GPUPI 3.3 and above.. not GPUPI3.2
  12. looks like some interesting competitions and yes i want to take part in multiple divisions 🙂
  13. Oopps. i was just doing some run on a laptop and for some obscure reason it was recorded as LN for cooling when i did the CPU speed run upload (now corrected). Now I dont know how to run LN on a laptop 🙂 I can never use LN in my Condo as it is a forbidden substance to bring in so it does not make sense to be in that league. I have ventured into DICE and will remain there. Can i please get some help to put me back in the Apprentice league where i do belong.= which was created for us OCers who cant go full out.
  14. Today it seems something has happened on the site. Suddenly I am in the extreme league. I do like my apprentice status as I have never run anything beyond DICE which is in the apprentice class. I cant and will not use LN as it would be illegal to even bring it into my condo..
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