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  1. Hi i have uploaded a lot of scores the last 60 hours. Normally scores refresh atleast every 24 hours. I am not considering the competition scores here as i know it might follow a different pattern. Meanwhile i see it is the same for other users including Elite so i am not alone but its not fun uploading with no change.. Regards,
  2. hi can you confirm no link is needed for the 3dmark06 as then i will stop uploading the same too :-)
  3. just to confirm are we allowed to turn off cores in this division :-)
  4. ? the rules does not specify which fields must be included Max clock/cache speed of 3803Mhz monitored by HWinfo32/64 readout (running in the background during the run) did i miss anything in my subs?
  5. Hi, Since i keep my hardware i keep re-running some old hardware or in the case of my 5960X the first one died before i even got dry ice so bought a used one. Now i have another G3258 that i am playing around with. On several occasions I have seen that i have empty slot when i look at my hardware pages. Thus it looks like i did not run or even submitted scores for benchmarks. Thus i run a bench and then upload only to then be told 0 points by the system as there is an old submission that suddenly appear also with 0 points and no ranking. when i then hit referesh i suddenly get hardware points back on my first submission that was made in 2014 as an example. It has happened to me now about 10 different times which is a bit annoying. Today i had this issue when running wprime1024.. managed to only get a score of 6.55 minutes or something only to find a hidden score of 6 mins 17 seconds that actually should have had a hardware point rating of 3 points. which it now do.. it does not matter which pages i look at in my profile i would never have found it unless i actually submitted a new score in the same bench. is there a solution to fix such?
  6. hmm seems im the only one who found a 5770 with just 512 MB and its not even in the database as separate card ...
  7. Suggest you just save the submit file instead and upload that separately. It usually works.
  8. please delete this entry. I just found an entry from 2019 that is much higher but had for some reason not been given points before. now fixed
  9. Thanks for the tip 🙂 yes that seems to be the issue. its as memory hungry as Y-cruncher on the higher levels. i never got it to run on win7 with the 9960x so i guess i need even more ram but worked out on win10 and got the right tweaks to get a better score.
  10. Great that solves a lot of issues:-) The rules are not clear yet to me. The Benchmate part only refer to AMD processors. Meanwhile the screenshot concerning Win8/10 clearly indicate that we can not. ms All Windows based released before Windows 8 See when Windows 8/10 based operating systems can be used Usage of BenchMate is mandatory for AMD users when using Win8/10 or newer.
  11. Are we now allowed to use the benchmate to for example upload results for the standard wprime or any other part of the package subs? or we still have to go back to win7
  12. I have a clean install of the latest version Windows 7. I can run the HEVC in absolute mode when using my 7640x. However when i put my 9960x in the same motherboard and dont change anything except Windows recognizing its a new processor and thus updates the basic core internals it impossible to run the same bencher in Absolute mode. If i do exactly the same change in Windows 10 then there is no issue. Is there thus either incompatibility with Win 7 and the 9960x processors or is there a specific trick to get it to work?
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