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  1. OK have done what i can for now. Will relocate myself from Manila to Rome with my gear so no OC for atleast 2 months.
  2. please delete this one for challenger legacy missing subdetails https://hwbot.org/submission/4766061
  3. by DESIGN, development 10900k is 10 physical core CPU. not that hard to understand. Cores are cores, threads are threads and as per challenge rules you can only use the 10900k in the challenge DIV I round 2 not in the other divisions.
  4. Hi, I dont call anyone a cheat. No sure what auto generated message you get from Hwbot in the background. I reported the score as impossible score and mention that it was not 4K. Even i get such messages. I also insisted the possible cheat naming is removed from the bot *you can see in chat forum on this. We all reacted on this score as for the challenge competition we all chase the top scorer and yours became just that πŸ™‚ the moderators can delete this one and then you just resubmit. no harrm done. the 4K tickbox is not available at first. you need to register the advanced serial numbe
  5. The higher end CPUs like 10900k has a better memory overclocking capability compared to a 10600K. it also has a different level of cache. So HWbot follows the actual cores as per CPU design (without hyper threading considered) that is also how cpus would be compared in any review by just about any magazine. The rules makes perfect sense and have done so for years. Why not just start following the same. We all have toπŸ™‚. If you note yes on some we cant beat the guys with RTX3090 however even those guys in some of the stages use an older GTX 1080ti to get the highest scores.
  6. some discrepancies in rules.the 3dMark stage shows no hwinfo which is ok to me as sysinfo would overrule (on cpu speed) but then aquamark shows ul sysinfo as requirement but cant be correct
  7. the changes on benchmark list no worries. The changes planned on Benchmark ranking overview I dont agree at all with. That is for me the most useful way to get an overview of what 2D benchmarks to run with what CPU's. (if we look at our own submissions tab then we cant see how well they rank thus the benchmark ranking overview is critical. By having the global, country and team rankings there i can also see if its even relevant to even try go for scores as well as help prepare for the challenges. Meanwhile i think it would be ok to show core 1 - 8 (or 2-10 cores) on a first
  8. hehe i love those 4k scores. is this the U.2 version?
  9. meanwhile I think any AS SSD submission that has 4K -64thrd higher than the sequential speed on either read or write must be buggered. It can be close to sequential but never above without something else being at play as in cache. Interestingly the above score also have a latency of 0.006ms. There is no SSD that has such a latency thus it indicates cache in memory.
  10. hmmm actually i retract my statement above on as ssd hehe. I have run it many times last month. However just tested a new thing. put priority to high then it fails to give correct results randomly. The score on the left is what normally should be seen. the score on the right is not possible on the read 4K-64Thrd. plain vanilla Win10 enterprize with no cache active.
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