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  1. are we allowed to use the AMD 5700XT cards in this stage or what is the latest AMD gpu allowable
  2. Fully agree with the original post by Splave. lets have Benchmate formalized for submissions with win10. trying to get new hardware to run Win 7 is seemingly not going to work. Spent enough time trying.
  3. ahh my old trusty maximus Viii extreme can only run single channel memory.. sighhh.
  4. 🙂 no worries.. The team putting together the competitions are creative 🙂 Meanwhile getting a few more CPU's
  5. My team team rankings tab don't work. It shows the initial intended page when loaded but instantly then jump to My team my wall tab instead. Tested in Chrome and Brave.
  6. would be fun if we had some separation between threads and cores in some stages so we could use the true CPUs that dont use the threads also. i got a few of 4,6,8 cores to add to the mix .
  7. Great Score. Would appreciate if you could mention what kind cooling you run for this.
  8. Thanks for another great competition. I think the benchmate is a great tool and to finally be able to use Win 10 for some submissions are great. Meanwhile some scores will still be better on win 7 as win 10 is inherently more bloated. Dry ice finished and need to focus on work :-)
  9. Hehe i hate these galax 4000 mem.. there is no way to do T1 to start with. Meanwhile one of my g.skils have gone to greener pastures in memory heaven sigh. and i cant buy fast ram in manila..... they are stuck on 3200 mhz in shops. so do what might work hehe
  10. Yes i edited manufacturer Galax in those subs immediately but it did not trigger a change to show mem freq. as you explain. It however does on other sub screens.
  11. I just ran some memory Frequency subs. When uploading the sub there is no way to actually set the memory frequency in the memory section. thus it can only be entered in the score field. It then looks weird as all my memory speeds show up as 4202 Mhz for some reason.
  12. Geek bench starts as 32 bit but I select 64 bit inside. The problem i had was anything listed as 32 bit in benchmate would not start. now they do. Thus I believe the service will capture it right. I believe my issue is gone as i cant replicate it anymore even after now 4 reboots. Meanwhile if i run Geekbench4 in 32 bit more i loose about 600 or so points on single core performance.
  13. No, i run it just like its set up 🙂 meanwhile after 2 re-boots the behaviour is gone?! no win update in between i like this benchmate though. kudos to Matt 🙂
  14. The 0.8 version works to run all tests but 0.8.1 i can not start geekbench3 nor geekbench4 as it only show 32 bit versions and says its starting service which never start. Get same issue if trying to start cpuz 32 bit.. Works fine in 0.8 so can we please use 0.8 version also? or we will need a fix Im running on my standard 7940x setup with normal watercooling and updated Win 10
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