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Wait... So you're saying that Cpu-z and CpuWorld are both wrong??


Does that also include the s939 Cpu list Wiki wrong as well?




Opteron 148 2.2 GHz 1 MB 1 GHz 11x 1.35/1.4 85.3 W Socket 939 August 2, 2005 OSA148DAA5BN (E4)

2.2 GHz 1 MB 1 GHz 11x 1.35/1.4 85.3 W Socket 939 August 2, 2005 OSA148DAA5CF (E6)


EDIT: Oh I see. CpuWorld just doesn't have the Opteron 148 listed however they do have the 146. Access denied


I've tried Cpu-Z 1.72- 1.76 and 1.79 all show the same thing.


San Diego Part #


OSA148DAA5BN is an OEM/tray microprocessor

OSA148BNBOX is a boxed microprocessor


Venus Part #


OSA148FAA5BK (E4) Access denied They do has it!



I'll have to pull the heat sink for part number. I will do this at a later time.

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