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Strong 7700k


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Up for sale is the cpu Hazzan posted on FB as doing 5.5ghz@1.4v on ambient and not being able to go past 5.6ghz on cold.


Chip runs R15 5.4@1.4v real volts, not some made up LLC BS. Better than average on ambient but no godly as posted on FB.


However.....it scales like a monster on cold and ran R15 5.8ghz on SS. (later pushed bclk to 5860mhz but no screen).


5860mhz 11.5

6030mhz hwbprime


Highest frequency pass for a 7700k with SS on hwbot leader boards.


Evap was -67deg idle, -55deg load. (not strong enough for this chip and chip is hot)


No testing with LN2. :(


Retail chip. (639G500, Hazzans golden batch)


700 euro including shipping worldwide or nearest offer. :)









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I was about to pull the trigger on a new 7700k just now and remembered your listing. I need an extra CPU since so many of these contests require specific vendor motherboards and I'm sick of ripping my main workstation apart. Right now I can buy a 7700k from Amazon for $329.00 USD I think that translates into 287.99 Euros. I'll pay for shipping, too (I'll send whatever extra money it will take to ship via FedEx 3 day worldwide).


Like you said, "make me an offer worst I can say is no"... Here ya go ;-)


I'm in USA and I can pay with PayPal. If you have other methods you'll need to educate me.

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