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[WTB](USA) LN2 Pot for CPU/GPU


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I'm interested in getting into sub-ambient benching, so I'm looking for an LN2 pot. Primarily looking for a CPU pot, but I'd also be interested in a GPU pot(and maybe even a NB pot if anyone happens to still have one of those laying around). Looking for a fairly modern design(not looking for a DICE pot), but I don't have my mind set on anything in particular, so feel free to make offers. Hoping to stay around $150 max for each pot, but I might be willing to push that a bit higher, just shoot me offers. Located in NY-USA.


I know I don't have much rep on here, but I've got a few confirmed trades over at reddit.com/r/hardwareswap under the same username; sold a GTX1080 there a few months ago and I've bought/sold various other things.


Thanks in advance!

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