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  1. "A VALID Futuremark verification link is required registered on your HWBot name" How strictly is this enforced? I think my Futuremark name might be slightly different than my HWBot name (NiobiumOC or something), is that okay?
  2. They're just resistors, so the orientation doesn't matter. As long as both pads are connected, you're good to go.
  3. I'm all for picking a cheap GPU for this comp, the 1030s last year were pushing the limit a bit. $90 cards are substantially less disposable(for lack of a better word) than $25 cards. One thing I'm worried about with HD5450s though is that they might be too slow. GPUPi 1B was used in both S1 and S2 of cheapaz because it's an excellent bench for this comp, simple to run, scales perfectly, and it's almost entirely agnostic to the performance of the rest of the system. Unfortunately no one's subbed it on a 5450 yet, but it looks like it could be a 30+ min bench.(Or impossible to run altog
  4. Looks like I should have spent some more time investigating before voting. RX550s have gotten cheaper than I thought, and they support BIOS modding(AFAIK), so they sound like a solid option. 1030 DDR4 could be fun, but eh, it's probably too close to S2.
  5. Exactly what richie said. Sorry about the screenshot settings not matching my post, just grabbed it from a bunch of screenshots that I took a while ago.
  6. Have you checked to make sure the CUDA - Force P2 State flag is set to Off/False in the driver? Should be the default value on consumer Turing cards AFAIK, but it might have gotten changed somehow.
  7. It doesn't seem like we have enough opinions in this thread, so I'll throw mine in too. -Agreed with a lot of the others above, having Rookie and Novice seems redundant -> merge these two into a single Rookie league with a time limit of somewhere between 3 and 12 months(maybe 6 months would be a good number) - From what I've seen, the biggest issues with cooling come from mods having to define a line between ambient water and chilled water; I have seen few/no accusations of people in Apprentice running LN2, it's usually pretty obvious from clocks. There's also a clear separation
  8. CB was reading as -135Cish on the meter, probably closer to -140C actual.
  9. Honestly, it seems a bit strange to me that the Titan V would be allowed while the Titan Z/Pro Duo are both banned. Any rarity or cost argument that could be made against either of the dual GPU cards seems like it would be an even stronger case against the TV.
  10. You should have said something about needing a board in philly, you could have used my Z97 SOC LN2. @yosarianilives spent more time benching on that board than I did anyway(and developing a serious love-hate relationship ).
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