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marco.is.not.80 - Core i5 7600K @ 5410MHz - 1543 marks XTU


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Sorry, but when i see people doing 1.6v-1.7v on ambience temps with water... i think something is getting weird on enthusiast league... anyway, congrats for this amazing job you did here, i couldn't do this without chiiled water, so, really amazing...

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I don't know what is so hard to believe about a core i5 sitting on an open bench in a small air conditioned room where it says at this exact moment it is 19 degrees Celsius? I'm running a good EK water block and a high performance pump with a liquid metal delid job. To be honest I now realize how bad of a job I've done on my one i7 Skylake and my other i7 Kaby and can't wait to delid them using proper sealant like I did this one.


You really are in the extreme league? Don't be such a pussy and pump some volts into your CPU. I'm competing in the Gigabyte Beat the Heat series and I've got an i5 vs the majority i7s. I'm using throw away equipment so might as well go for it.


Now, stop hitting me with your purse because if 1.65v made you wet your pants you're lucky this board limits me to 1.8 or you might have bunnyextraction running down your legs.


You had a great score with your i5 the other day. Don't get all butt hurt that your All-In-One cooler (according to the picture you posted with your entry) didn't give you the edge you were looking for. Maybe the extreme league is turning you into a marshmallow and you could use some conditioning down here in the wastelands of the Enthusiast league.

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