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overclocking for 6850K


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hellop everyone.

simple question

but first of all, my RIG

X99A godlike gaming carbon with monoblock and ram block


corsair dominator platinum 3400mhz cl 16


samsung m.2 950pro

4tb wd red


custom watercooling (each loop have a 480 rad with corsair sp120 high)


now, did the next overclocking make any sense to you guys?

i feel not.

4.5ghz on 1.385 stable (48 hours AIDA64)

ring 37 on 1.320

memory 3400 xmp


i would like to hear anything, since my knowledge in overclocking not that big.. thank you !:)

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yeah, ive also overclocked the GPU.

Right now is working at max of 2035 mhz, with 6013 memory. with max temp of 29 degree.

also, the cpu running at 4.5 ghz, with voltage of 1.385. the hottest core is at 58, and the lower core at 49 in 100% load.

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