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Intel sent CPU's


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I've been seeing alot of people receiving CPUs from Intel (Confidential CPUs?)


I just wanna ask:


Do you guys ASK for the CPU's (if so how, and what is needed to get one)


Or do they simply send you one cuz you got a high reputation?

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K so ill trie sending them an email.


Tough im kinda confused. What should i tell/ask them, and what arguments should i give


xT0m you said you where getting bits and pieces ever since (explain?) do they send you stuff they dont need, or faulty ones?

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before recieving the CPU you need to sign a warranty letter saying that if CPU dies - you will compensate it's price to Intel



I tought so :)



Anyways i check the Portugues Intel website, and they dont even have a phone number / email adress there, for the national offices

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