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One of your submissions has been blocked


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Hello guys,

I'm seriously disappointed here, I see that my result have been blocked: http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=761996. I've been working 4 hours straight for this result and this is what I get? ~21K not possible with nicely clocked 260GTX and 4.4Ghz quad, tRD 6, and DRR +1200? I don't even bother to use lod or midmap to get hose scores. If I had a 3DMark06 license I would have a verification link. I swear this was ran at 1280x1024, I did not cover it for purpose I just did not knew that it mattered. If somebody can put that score back I would appreciate it greatly. You can find me at XS or OCXtreme forums. It's just very dissapointing when you put so much effort into it :( :( :(.

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Doesn't really seem fair to you, as the score isn't really that much higher than the rest, not for those clocks. I'l put it back, BUT please remember to put the resolution in your screenshot next time. It's important to guarante legitimate verification.


By the way, even without a FM 3Dmark06 serial, you can create an account on the FM page to create a validation link. Would it be possible to upload a score to the orb close to the 20900 you scored earlier on? Would definitly help in proving your point :D

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Oh thanks a bunch Massman! I do not have .3dr of that run, just forgot to save it :(. I will try with the futuremark account, I did not know that, thanks. Here's same exact run, same OS, same GPU, clocks same RAM etc. just CPU is at 3.87GHz instead of 4.4GHz (see the attachment). Lesson learned, I will not accidentally cover the resolution anymore!


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