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Same as you, I tried different platforms (old and new ones), different Windows version and different y-cruncher version all combined, but still no clue about the issue. After you delete the result file "pi - xxx.txt", it come back to normal "no benchmarks found". Even the developer couldn't figure it out. Unfortunatly I'm not using this benchmark anymore.

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Sorry, for the half-year late reply. And I realize it probably doesn't matter anymore.

I'm the developer of y-cruncher. But I don't patrol the HWBOT forums. So unless somebody pings be directly so that I get an email notification, I don't see these bug reports. Since I never saw this thread, I was never aware of this and therefore I can't possibly have "couldn't figured it out."

Unfortunately, the screenshot above doesn't have enough information to determine the root cause. So I'd need the actual validation file itself.

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