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  1. Whatever submission I click, I always get the same error. The subs I want to make are for the DDR1 Dogpile stage. It would be a pain for me to manually add the hardware used for every single sub (plus adding the screen and photo). I tried with two different computer, but both resulted in the same error page.
  2. Motherboard: MSI 865PE-V2 V2.0 (MS-7156 Ver: 1B) CPU-Z Validation Link: https://valid.x86.fr/hqgdra
  3. Thanks. Yes, the Asus FX505 has a soldered GP106 on the motherboard.
  4. @Antinomy Where do I need to put the graphic card scores? It's a GP106 GTX 1060 soldered in a laptop (not a full desktop version): https://valid.x86.fr/e10ybz
  5. Motherdoard: Asus FX505GM CPU-Z Link: https://valid.x86.fr/c53du6
  6. Motherboard: HP 84BA CPU-Z Link: http://valid.x86.fr/drn6tj
  7. Same as others. With Edge is fast at loading and responsive, but with Firefox is soo slow, it reloads some graphic parts every time I scroll the page or change tab. Edit: The iGPU stay at 100% load with hwbot. No problem with the forum page on Firefox.
  8. Motherboard: KBL Strongbow_KL CPU-Z Link: https://valid.x86.fr/t838gp
  9. Yep, online. Still on rev 7.
  10. Motherboard: Biostar N61PB-M2S CPU-Z Link: http://valid.x86.fr/rpnlln
  11. Motherboard: Surface Pro (2017) CPU-Z Link: http://valid.x86.fr/4p5xhd Motherboard: Dell 03TF0Y CPU-Z Link: http://valid.x86.fr/v4ed2a @Antinomy
  12. Gigabyte GA-MA78LM-S2 CPU-Z Link: http://valid.x86.fr/eqqbdl PS.: What is the right IGP to upload 3d benchmarks? @Antinomy
  13. up... (also Liq-met's motherboard need to be added)
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