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Error with x265 Benchmark 2.2 CPU-z General Error

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I Tested my Pentium III-S Without Problems and Errors, but when i install a fresh Stand with Fresh OS Windows XP SP3, after click on Exe file of Benchmark, im getting CPU-z general Error?

My System Is:

Turion 64 MT-34 + 2GB DDR400 + ABIT NF8-V + Kingston A400, by the way, when im click on cpuz_x265.exe, it launches without problems, as well 1.86 version standlalone works great?!

When im Changing cpuz.ini (Set PCI=0) inside Folder of X265,  Im getting no Error, but Application Shows only First Logo and no loading to main form?!

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I also saw this error from time to time on older platforms, but it seemed to be random and eventually x265 started properly. When the error message shows up, there should be file named hardware.txt in the x265 working folder if you don't dismiss the error (the file is deleted automatically after succesful detection or benchmark exit). Please upload it here and I'll take a look.

Btw - 64-bit windows should be faster for x265. XP is good for 32-bit only CPUs... as far as x265 is concerned.

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