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Score removed, but no notification given for such?

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Went looking through my hardware library in my profile today, and noticed something...  It seems my reference clock submissions for the P5E have been removed, but I never received any emails about such, or what could be wrong with them.

Pictures clearly showcased that it was a P5E, text blurb specifically mentioned that it was a Rampage Formula bios being used (they're cross-compatible, and the Rampage Formula bios actually has a decent amount of options that the P5E's does not, AND it's noticeably more stable).  And before someone says "screenshot looks like it says Maximus Formula on the PCB"...  That's because the P5E was primarily Maximus Formula boards that didn't pass the RoG requirements, they put a sticker over top of the "Maximus Formula" that said "P5E" and the stickers peel off after a while (doubly so if you're freezing the board repeatedly...) - the sticker on mine pretty much just had to be touched and it came off when I got it.

I'm rather curious as to why my 575.09MHz reference clock sub that took quite a bit of prep and work to acquire was pulled, and why no notification was given about such.


Thanks in advance.

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I spawned a new tab by middle clicking on the 292 for your P5E and added "&limit=300" to the URL in the new tab and then just found your top ref freq score in the list... This is the link: http://hwbot.org/search/submissions/permalink?username=WhiteWulfe&mbModelId=1690&mbManufacturerId=188&limit=300



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