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ASUS Maximus X Code BIOS - Auto Memory OC

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I'm not sure of how many users out there have the this board but here is my question and problem.

I also have a AsRock z170 OCF that already have some tweaked memory timings in the BIOS. These range from DDR4-3600 to DDR4-4000 and cover a WIDE range of timings (Samsung Models also included). My Asus z370 (<-Newer Generation) only has tweaked timings up to DDR4-3400. Is this section limited to AsRock MBs only???

I have been able to transfer some of the memory speed/timings that my z170 MB runs to the z370 MB. When I updated the BIOS with the DEC release, I lost the use of my Samsung E's. I know these will run @ 3866/3900 12-19-19-28 1T. My Samsung B's will do 16-19-19-28 1T @ 3866/3900. I know they can probably do 3866/4000 with tighter timings. I don't have several days to play with the timing tree so I look for the AUTO Memory OC section.

Does the Maximus X Formula have a better Auto Memory OC section???

Did ASUS drop the ball on the support of the z370's Motherboards as the z390's where close behind??

Thank You For Your Time :)



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